Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Turnpike Killer (A SMF Review)

At last weekend's Chiller Expo in New Jersey, I came across a lot of tables selling Independent and Microbudget Horror Films. Most looked very cheap and almost completely unwatchable, but one film I was compelled to pick up was The Turnpike Killer  . . .

I recently became aware of T.TP.K. via their Facebook Page and rather enjoyed the Trailer that can be best described as being in the same vein as 42nd Street "Grindhouse" Classics such as "Maniac", "The New York Ripper", and "Don't Go In The House".

I decided to go with the VHS Big Box Collectors Edition that came with full size Poster and also the movie on both VHS & DVD.

As an extra special bonus I also got to meet Lyndsey Brown the Lead Actress who plays "Jennifer" in the Film!

After recouping from both Chiller and eX-Fest , I got around to The Turnpike Killer last night and was impressed with a lot of what I seen!
Bill Mclaughlin is "Jon", to his friend's he a pretty normal bloke who's only crime is being maybe a tad unmotivated and undependable, but to everyone else who comes into contact with him they might be more familiar with his alter ego The Turnpike Killer. Bill does a great job at portraying both sides of "Jon", a really great scene displaying this comes very early into the movie when he runs into a Female Jogger that he strikes up a conversation with, at first you see him as a sorta smooth guy trying to score her number but after finding out she's already spoken-for he goes into full creep mode berating her for "leading him on" and even goes as far as following her home because she's now been chosen as his next prey! Throughout the film there are a plethora of brutal kills committed by Jon in and around the New York/New Jersey Area, and for the "Unlucky Ones" who aren't killed on the spot, they are held captive in his Gary Heidnik like basement until he gets the urge to to inflict his severe brand of torture on them! As the bodies keep piling up, Jon starts getting sloppy leading the Cops closer to closing in on him. But don't worry this by no means is a "Cop Drama", it spends 90% of the time focusing on "Jon" and also the Voice in his Head known as "Father" . . . Think about "Harry" on the show "Dexter", but instead of trying to lead him on the right path he gives his some of the worst advice possible almost every time!

Now while I can't in good faith recommend this movie to everyone because of the Brutal and Uncompromising nature of the Kills it features, but if Gore and Sleaze is your bag this Movie is a good way to lend 80 minutes of your life to! Before watching though I almost feel it's sorta of necessary to watch The Super which was the other feature by T.T.P.K.'s Director Even Makrogianns! The reason I say that is because there are 3 Actors in Turnpike that have a more prominent role in that feature, so when you see Demetri Kallas, Manoush, and Edgar Moye show up in Turnpike it will have a bigger Impact on your viewing. So Hell check out both of Evan's Films, make it a Double Feature and Spread the word if you liked what you Seen!

- Tom Bryce

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