Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Awesome "Draw Something" Pics People Uploaded!

Around this time last year I was pretty obsessed with the phone game "Words With Friends", which was odd cause because before I downloaded that game I think I could count the amount of times I played scrabble on one hand . . . but what can I say I found the game highly addictive . . . but the amount of drain it put on my phone's battery life lead me to cut on playing until i stopped all together. Flash forward to a couple months ago when a co-worker told me about this neat game called "Draw Something", he showed me some pictures of games he recently played and it looked like a lot of fun. But since I can't draw a lick I never bothered to download, but I gotta say some of the pics I seen from both my friends on Facebook and other sites online have been pretty Epic to say the least! Now while i'm sure there are millions and millions of pictures uploaded out there here's some of the ones I came across that I liked best.
 I was going to stick with just Horror Movies for this post, but some were so good I had to fit them in here also, This post will act as part one of a possible new feature here at SMF, enjoy and if you have any you want me to include shoot me an email at

- Tom Bryce


  1. OMG are people for real? I have no idea how people draw works of art for that game because I absolutely suck at it. I make the worst drawings that usually consist of stick figures. Ugh this makes me wanna practice my drawing skills...haha

    1. Do you use a Stylists Pe, Amanda?

      Not that I'll still be able to drawn half as good as these any way lol

  2. No, is that how they draw so good? That makes sense but yeah I'd still suck at it haha