Monday, May 7, 2012

SMF Presents: Shittacular Slashers

So after much researching Josh and I finally came up with the list of what's going to play on May 27th as part of "SMF Presents: Shittacular Slashers"
Our plan was to get one representative from the different types of Slasher Films (e.g. a Giallo, Something Silly, a Camp/Back Woods type, A All Black Cast, a Post Scream Slasher etc.) 

After a lot of Facebook messages between the two of us in the last few weeks these are the 5 movies that ended up rounding out the list, with the 6th Film to be picked by you guys (Look Below for the Two Options a the Sixth choice!)

01: Killer Workout aka Aerobi-cide (1987)

02: Sleep Away Camp 2 (1988)

03: Opera (1987)

04: Ax'em (1992)

05: Urban Legends (1998)

As For The Sixth Feature . . . The Choice is between Alone in the Dark (1982) or Waxwork (1988)

Alone in the Dark


I'll bring both with me so we can figure it out on that Sunday
It starts at 1:30 and as always Beer & Food will be provided, but feel free to bring some also incase we run out . . .

- Tom 

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