Thursday, May 17, 2012

Raiding My Father's Vinyl Collection! (Vol. 1)

Here's something a little different for a SMF post, it's a look at some of the Awesome and/or Oddball Records my Dad has in his Record Collection! My Dad (known to my friends as "Cooler Tom") is an avid lover of Music and before google came around I could always count on him for his knowledge of Pop, Jazz, and Rock Bands up to about the mid80s when I think he gave up on keeping up with the New Sounds! Here's a glimpse  of some albums he owns in a new blog feature I will post here every once in awhile, I'm dubbing it "Raiding My Father's Vinyl Collection" . . .

Before Rosetta Stone came along I guess there was this, according to "Living German" 6 Weeks from today I could Speak this Language Fluently!

An Album of nothing but Sound Effects!

Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" Once stopped an Attack from Mars . . . True Story!

Flip Wilson!

A Group of Bill Cosby Albums!

Kate Fucking Smith!

And finally if you ever wanted to learn Morse Code . . . 
I got you covered!

Well hoped you enjoyed this new feature, there are tons of more album where these came from, my Father has a lot cases like the picture below filled with Classics!
What's with these Stickers lol?

-Tom Bryce

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