Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Old "Freddy" Toy looking for info about . . .

So anybody know the story or also have one of these Freddy Krueger "figures"? 

I had this thing since the 80s but don't know if it's a knockoff or was put out by NewLine. It has a suction cup attached to a string on his fedora hat and he use to a have a skull in his nonGlove hand . . . but I lost that.

Any info? Was there a Jason one?

- Tom Bryce


  1. not sure, but it's pretty sweet looking!

    1. Somebody sent me this info:

  2. I had this as well. I got it at Toys R Us I do believe, yet I dont think mine came in a package. It was in a bin. I also have a 7 or so inch, rubber Freddy statuey thing. Hes making kind of a rapper pose.

  3. I had him too. I remember getting him from a claw machine in the mall. I dropped some coin that day, but I got him.