Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Very Own Cabin in the Woods (Post 2)

Last month after seeing "Cabin in the Woods" I was inspired to make a visit to my Father's Hunting Cabin ( See Previous Post ) in Lycoming County, which is give or take 175 Miles North West of Philly. I can't recall for sure the last time I was up there, but I'd say it's  been more then likely 10 years since my last trip. When I was younger I'd spend about a week per month of my Summers up there, I can't really say much had changed since that time cause it all felt so familiar as I got into the small town about 10 miles before we approached the Cabin!
There were no masked killers in the woods and the only suffering that came my was allergies, so this might not be the most interesting of posts to make it's way on here but you may enjoy some of the pictures I snapped over the weekend . . .

I ended up going with my Dad since he missed getting up there in April like he originally planed. I was more then happy to have him along for the trip since for one I knew that I wouldn't get lost and two I never really get to spend quality time or as much as I would like to any way. I brought a handful of CDs for the trip, the double album "Sand in the Vaseline" by The Talking Heads took more then half the distance until I changed it over to the Blue Öyster Cult Essential Collection.  
 After stopping for a quick bite at the Buckhorn Family Restaurant/Truck Stop, a place I remember best not for their Food but the awful "Island of Misfit Toys" VHS Tapes they would sell in the  front of the Store, not much changed cause they had ton of crap Horror films on DVD for sale, such as multiple copies of "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Boogeyman 3".

We drove through down downtown "Millsville" a small town which is a lot Haddonfield from the Halloween Series and then on into Hughesville where I grabbed these pictures of their Old School House which was open from 1872 to 1982 . . .

Could you imagine going to this place still in the 80s?
Looking inside from the broken window it looks like they still have a lot of old desks and school equipment left from then! 

When we got to the road leading up to our house it appeared that someone had played some Mailbox Baseball (Stand By Me) with our Mailbox . . . No harm tough cause there really isn't much going on up there so I guess this kids got to get you kicks some how! 

Here's a Pic of the Bridge leading to the house, it wan't there last time I was up there. Before then you drive over some rocks and it was very bumpy. 
I can't help but think how many Epic G.I. Joe Battles I would have had when I was kid if we had that back then!

Here's the Outside of the Cabin, it's gotten a nice new paint scheme since i was last there

After unloading the car, I took a walk up "The Hill" with my Father. That's where he and his friend have their Tree Stands and do their Deer Hunting . . .

This is my Dad's friend's stand, it's seen better days for sure . . .

My Dad's Stand, built in the late 80s' is still holding up but I didn't feel safe being on it one bit.
It's about 18 Feet off the ground, and he built himself.

My old Nightmare on Elm Street Skateboard now nailed to the tree!

After chilling at the place some we headed out to the Lycoming Mall. I use to love this place as a kid and remember spending hours at a time there . . .
Hell they even had two KB Toy stores there, one at each end . . . Now it was just a lame mall with this being their big Summer Event . . .
Oh the Horror!

I only bought one thing in the mall while I was there, but a really cool something! 
A Gremlins Shot Glass!

When we got home that night we started up a fire and watched a couple of the Cabin/Woods Related Horror Movies I brought up for the Trip . . 
Rituals and Wrong Turn 2

Saturday I woke up to a brink morning air, you can't really beat the smell the fresh mountain air, it's so clean! We took another trip into town for breakfast they hit Wal-mart where I picked up the Mother's Day Remake. I watched it when I got back and thought it was really well done. I liked the references to the Troma Movie but being it's own sick and twisted story.
Later that day we ate at  The Angus Inn, I remember going to there with my folks a lot but this was the first time I was of Drinking Age and able to have some beers with my Steak :)

After eating at the Angus we caught The Avengers in town at Muncy's Old Movie House, even though there was a huge theater next to the Mall I'd much rather have seen it there!
For one it had a great old school feel to it and two the prices were crazy low!

$6 For A Adult and $3 for a Large Popcorn!

Well that's pretty much it, I had a very relaxing weekend and it was awesome getting a chance to hang out with the Old Man. I look forward to getting back up there again this Summer with with both my Maryland & Philly friends and maybe do a SMF Party in the Wood featuring nothing but Cabin Based Horror Films!

One last thing this Framed Rambo Picture was on the Walls Inside . . . 
I think we need to make this "A Thing"
Every household needs a picture of Rambo inside for now on!

- Tom Bryce

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