Thursday, May 10, 2012

MOLD! (A SMF Review)

Along with The Turnpike Killer (Review Here) another Microbudget Horror film I picked up at Chiller last month was MOLD! This isn't so much as a review of MOLD, since writing reviews isn't really my forte, but more of here's a Cool Movie I just became aware of and I think you should check it out too since most of us here have similar taste! 

MOLD is a Pitch Perfect Sendup of the 50s & 60s Sci-fi B-Movies infused with the practical gross-out effects featured in the Splatter Horror Films of the 70s & 80s!

The story take place durning the Reagan Era, where at a Lab in a remote desert location a group of Scientist are giving two Government Officials (A Congressmen and a High Ranking Military Officer) and their staff a demonstration of the latest weapon of Eco-Warfare to take Down Mother Russia . . .
You guessed it "Mold". Well it's a little more complicated then that, you see the Mold when it gets on you skin or in your blood has the same result as what happened to Jordy Verrill in "Creepshow" but at a more rapid speed! After a double-cross by one of the lab workers one of the dignitaries see's first hand the effects of the Mold experiment and the harm it causes to everyone else he comes in contact with! It's not so much about who Lives or who Dies but what horrible shit comes their way from the Green Stuff! Just think, if they only waited a year Rocky would have ended the Cold War for them after beating Ivan Drago!

 When I first seen the poster above on a Table at Chiller, it immediately caught my eye and the trailer then had running on a loop liked right up my alley, so I bought the DVD with the hopes of getting a few laughs and maybe seeing some heads blow up! But I gotta say I was surprised by how Great this movie actually was! Up until that day I never heard of it, but it was a lot better then the Horror films taking up space on the New Release Rack at BestBuy or your Local RedBox. 
Mold is a Movie that I think should be given a chance and is right up there with "The Taint", "Hobo With A Shotgun" and "Street Trash" in ways of gross out effects, but it also has the charm and wit of "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra"!
I loved all the corny puns and the on purpose hammy acting throughout the movie, especially from Edward X Young who steals the show i.m.o., as "The Colonel"!

So I highly recommend giving MOLD a watch, and let me know what you think, it's currently on sale at their Merch Site for $15.99 with no Cost for S&H!
(Picture Credit: Vhshitfest )

- Tom Bryce

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