Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Happening Here on the SMF Blog . . .

With April officially over, here's I look at this month agenda and events I plan to check out so far!

Friday May 4th: Geekadelphia Presents: Masters of the Universe @ The Troc
Not only is this a rare chance to see the 1987 Classic on the Big Screen, my friends Zito and Trov will be premiering the trailer for their movie Alpha Girls! 
Oh and At the film’s conclusion Skeletor  will be hosting some Karaoke!

On the Weekend of the 11th, I plan on taking a little break from life and heading up to the CABIN I mentioned in this POST
I'm going to bring a book or two and also some silly movies such as "Don't Go In The Woods . . . Alone" and "Cabin Fever" to set the tone :)

Friday May 18: The Room is playing at The Colonial Theatre!
I seen this movie a few times over the year but this will be my first time with a crowd, can't wait BTW I plan to bring a Football if anyone wants to have a catch!

Sunday May 12th we will be hosting our Monthly Shit Movie Fest Party, the theme this time around is Shitty Slasher Films! My buddy Josh and I are still narrowing down the list but so far we know for sure that "Sleepaway Camp 2" and "Aerobi-cide aka Killer Workout" are going to play!

That's all I have planned so far but with Summer right around the conner I'm sure there will be a lot more events in and around Philly I'll end up checking out!

- Tom Bryce

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