Thursday, May 3, 2012

They Live (Poster Round Up)

(Awesome "They Live" Cosplay I spotted at a Horror Con)

Some of the my favorite websites to check out each morning when I'm killing time before my work day officially starts are sites such as Reelizer or Mondo to see what New Posters for Old Movies that have been created by some of most talented Artist in the Game!

Most of these Posters blow whatever art the studio decided to use to market their film out of the Water. Some of these poster are made for limited or special engagement movie screening, and have also become highly sought after on websites such as Mondo or Ebay.
One of my favorite examples of this Poster trend has been the recent art created for John Carpenter's Cult Classic "They Live", since the plot of the movie dealt with an Alien Takeover via Propaganda and Subliminal Messages it isn't any wonder why this Film would be a natural fit when comes to this sort treatment. Here are some of the best "They Live" inspired posters I came across in my searches, followed by some "They Live" shirts you can currently Consume!

Andrew DeGraff's Poster made to look like a 80s Wrestling Toy 

Chris Ott's take on Shepard Fairey's Famous Obama Poster

Speaking of Shepard Fairey!

Not sure who did this one, any info please let me know!

Two Poster dealing with the Epic Alley Way Fight!

Mark Welser

Matt Needle 


The Wonder Brothers

Electric Zombie

Karl Heitmueller

Steve Jencks

Now here are Some of the Best "They Live" Related Shirts I found online . . .

Fright Rags's They Live shirt that's soon to be back in stock

A very clever They Live/Nguyễn Văn Lém Mashup from Western Evil

An "Obey" Shirt that's currently up for sale at House of Mysterious Secrets

Well hope you enjoyed this feature on "They Live" Art!
I am going to follow it up with a feature on Carpenter's other works!

- Tom Bryce


  1. That collage poster after the Wonder Brothers is an unreleased Electric Zombie from about 1 or 2 years back.

  2. Thanks Playdead, I am going to update that right now!

  3. of corse , your consume t shirts and hipocritas.