Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday SMF Cooler!

 When the SMF parties first started there wasn't all that many people there, so a case of beer or two in the fridge would usually do the job in getting everybody nice and loaded for the Bad Movies . . . 
About a year ago right before we held the "Zombies vs Ninja" SMF Party I fought it was time that we got a cooler since the parties and amount of people coming started to grown in size. 
I hit Home Depot after work the day before "Z vs. N" and grabbed a simple red cooler but also some spray paint so I could tag SMF on the top. It really wasn't my intention to make it look like something DX would do, but that was that end result . . .

In the past year besides being at every single Shit Movie Fest Party, The SMF Cooler has also kept 1000s of Beers Cold at Random BBQs, Chris' New Year's Eve Party, and has been Up & Down the East Coast . . . 
Including appearances at Season of the Witch, Monster Mania New Jersey, M.M. Maryland, and also Virginia's Blood on the Beach! And speaking of beaches it was even at The Alpha Girls Beach Party!

It's been an Eventful First Year for the SMF Cooler and if you are coming over for "SMF Presents: Shittacular Slashers and BBQ!" this coming Sunday be sure to get him a Gift . . .
He likes P.B.R.s, Yuengling Lagers, Bud, and just about any Beer not named "Schlitz"!

WARNING If you do bring a Case of Schlitz, he will not hesitate to send a Zuni Warrior after you!

- Tom Bryce

He Also Likes Stickers, so if you want to add to his collection  
that's cool too!

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