Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hanging with Lloyd Kaufman!

Last night I checked out the Philly Premiere of Troma Latest Film "Father's Day" at The Trocadero Theatre. The screening was put together by Josh Goldbloom The Awesome Fest and Troma's Head-Honcho Lloyd Kaufman was on had for a Q&A before the show!

After preGaming a bit at Finn McCools (A Center City Bar) I got to the Troc right before the festivities started, I spotted my friend Christina ( 1/2 of Cherry Bomb Bus ) in the Troc's upstairs bar hanging with Mr. Kaufman, the three of us talked for a little bit before he was called to the stage for the Q&A and the introduction for Father's Day. Even though I came to the event to see the movie, I ended up spending most of the night chatting in the bar with some other Troma enthusiast and also hanging out with Christina and Lloyd.

Here's some pictures I snapped from the show, including Christina & I taking turns being Toxie and some of the merchandise I picked up while I was there . . .

I got my chance to own the Limited (250) VHS Big Box Edition of Toxic Avenger early! On and yes, Lloyd gave Toxie a Giant Cock on my Copy!

I also got a collection of buttons of him featuring other Classic Troma Films  . . .

And since we were talking most of the night and missing "Father's Day" he also gave me a "Bootleg" Copy of the Movie! I'm going to watch it this weekend :)

As you can see from the pics I had a blast last night and want to thanks Lloyd for being the Nicest guy in the Movie Biz and also for letting me put on the Toxie Mask . . . 
I been a fan of Troma for close to 25 Years now and that's something I will always cherish! Also I want to thank Josh for putting this all together, you work your ass off man making these events happen and Philly is a Cooler Place cause of it!

- Tom Bryce


  1. FUCK YOU! I am so goddamn jealous! GREATEST NIGHT EVER?!?

    1. Chris I wish you could have been there! I felt like I was cheating on you or something!