Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough‬ . . . Corey Feldman!

I just watched Meatballs 4 for the first time since I caught it on Cable in the Early 90s (in the hopes of seeing Boobs!), after finding it on a 4 Pack with other 80s Gems like "Hot Dog" and "Party Animal" besides it being maybe one of the lamest comedies ever made I couldn't help but wanting to post the scene of Feldman doing one of his awkward Michael Jackson Dances. Sadly the video wasn't on youtube, so I used my phone to upload so the quality is about as good as the Dance it's self . . .

After watching that video and you feel like torturing yourself some more, here's 10 More Videos of Corey pulling off all his best Jacko moves . . . 
I'm guessing this was written into all his movie contract in the Late 80s that he got to dance in at-least once scene!
These are the Best of the Worst of his Dance Moves from Movies, Music Videos, and "Live" Performances . . .

001: Rocking On with Michael Damian

002: On The Howard Stern Show in 1992

003: Corey Feldman Is ... Michael Jackson

004: White People Dancing Tonight!

 The Eradicators (From "Rock N' Roll High School Forever")

009: Dream A Little Dream 2

010: Dream A Little Dream 1

^ For some reason that one wouldn't work in the search, but it may very well be the Best of the Bunch!

Well I hope you enjoyed all the Epic Dance Moves of Corey Feldman . . .

- Tom Bryce