Sunday, May 27, 2012

90s Wrestling Toys Vol. 4

Here are some of my recent pick ups for my building WWF Hasbro Collection!
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First up is a Custom Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)

There was an official Blazer figure put out in the early 2000 by JAKKS Pacific around the time of Owen's Untimely Death, even tough the Custom looks like it used a head swap I think the Head used was from The Patriot cause it says "USA" on the back of the mask, either way I'm more then happy how this turned out.

Next is another "Simba" Hasbro Bootleg, these figures were made in Europe in the 90s and used parts and molds from the WWF figures to make their own knockoffs . . .
This guy is dubbed "Fighting Bull"

As you can see the head is that of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan but with Red Hair! These are my favorite of the numerous 90s' Knock off figures cause they fit perfectly in the collection as "Jobbers"

And finally at Chiller last April I finally bought a (Green Suite) Million Dollar Man

The figure is by no means rare, but since I already had Ted #1 and #3 it's wasn't high on the top of my list of figures I still needed to own, but for $5 I couldn't turn him down . . . 
I guess  truly "Everybody has a Price"!

- Tom Bryce

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