Tuesday, May 1, 2012

15 of Movie's Most Memorable "Ladies of the Night" . . .

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of seeing "Vice Squad", one of my favorite sleazy movies in 35mm at Exhumed Films' eX-fest. If you have never seen the movie it's about a Prostitute on the run from a Sadistic Pimp named Ramrod . . . After the movie I started thinking up other great movies that focused on Prostitution Rings, Pimps, and other Vices to come up with a Definitive List of 15 of the Most Memorable "Ladies of the Night" In Movies . . . 

015: Crank 2: High Voltage's "Ria"
As played by Bai Ling, "Ria" almost steals the show in this super charged Crank sequel. The crust around her mouth is beyond gross, but you can't help to hear what she has to say next!

014: Bordello of Blood's "Lillith"
Angie Everhart is Pure Sex as the Vampire Madam is this guilty pleasure from "Tales From The Crypt"!

013: The Last American Virgin's "Ruby"
Listen honey Ruby has a motto "Cash Up Front or Ruby Walks!" . . . You may for the Sex but the Crabs are Free!

012: Hustle and Flow "Nola"

It's Hard out Here for a Pimp . . . but Nola is as loyal as they come so DJay don't have to worry about her and can focus on his budding Rap career!

011: Dirty Work's "Dead Hookers"
The following exchange from the Norm MacDonald movie Dirty Work is just about the best in a movie ever . . .

Mitch: I've never seen so many dead hookers in all my life! 
Bystander: Lord knows I have. 
Dirty Work is an criminally underrated movie and this scene with the "Dead Hookers" is one of my favorite parts!

010: Risky Business's Lana
Rebecca De Mornay *SWING*

And here's pretty much the last glamorous working girl on the list it's pretty gritty from here!

009: Vice Squad's "Princess"

Princess must be something very special to make a nice fellow such as "Ramrod" lose his cool!

008: Trading Places's "Ophelia"
Ophelia played here by the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis holds her in this very funny comedy staring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd!

007: Nancy Allen in both Dressed To Kill & Blow Out
Nancy plays a damsel in distress in these two Brian De Palma Classics!
While I enjoyed her more in "Blow Out", I wouldn't feel right not listing both.

006: Coffy's "Coffy"
Pam Grier is without a doubt the most BadAss lady to crack this List, but it's Pam Grier so that goes without saying! My favorite scene in this movie is the razor blade in the weave Catfight!

005: The Angel Series' "Angel"

Well I really only want to count movies 1 & 2 and in no way the 3rd or 4th movie, but "Angel" in the 80s Movie series of the same name is a lot of ways the female "Death WisH"! Give them the first two a watch if you never seen them!

004: American Psycho's "Christine" 

When Mr. Bateman says "This won't be anything like last time. I promise!" Christine should have listen!

003: Porky's "Cherry Forever"
Porky's is an All Time Classic and besides the shower scene or the ending, the most memorable scene to me is the Hooker Prank played on PeeWee and the Gang!

002: Taxi Driver's "Iris"
How good was Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver? Just google "John Hinckley, Jr." next time your bored!

001: Full Metal Jacket's "Da Nang Hooker"

When you first started reading this list was there any doubt that this epic Lady wouldn't top the list?

"Well, baby, me so horny. Me so horny. Me love you long time. Me sucky sucky!"
Truth be told anytime I watch F.M.J. I usually end up shutting the movie off after the Camera thief's Kung Fu display! It's pretty boring to me after that.

Well there you have it, that 's my list of Movie's Top Working Girls . . .
And remember "Love is a Battlefield!"

- Tom Bryce


  1. I forgotten to ad FrankenHooker in, I will get to that later. Not going to add in Charlie Theron from "Monster" since she was based off a real person.

  2. Very cool idea and list you did here. Very enjoyable read and a find selection you chose. And yeah, Dirty Work totally kicks ass. "But in the land of the Skunks! The man with half a nose..." Hehehe.