Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Best Freddy Kruger Mashups From Around The Net . . .

It only makes sense for a Pop Culture Icon such as Fred Kruger to get some of the best Mashup Art over the years, you'll see everything from The Simpsons' "Groundskeeper Willie" to Sesame Street characters in the post below . . .
Here's some of the best  I was able to find, if you know of any others post a link in the comments :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

90s Wrestling Toys Vol. 4

Here are some of my recent pick ups for my building WWF Hasbro Collection!
 (To Read The Previous Posts Go 

First up is a Custom Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Creative & Otherwise Awesome Beer Labels (Vol. 1)

Sometimes when I am in Northern Libs I will hit up The Foodery to try some different Imported  Beer or to get some special bottles for a SMF Party. From the creative names the breweries use to labels or can designs you are almost always enticed to give them a Shot! Here are some of the best for this first volume of "Awesome Beer Bottles and Cans"!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday SMF Cooler!

 When the SMF parties first started there wasn't all that many people there, so a case of beer or two in the fridge would usually do the job in getting everybody nice and loaded for the Bad Movies . . . 
About a year ago right before we held the "Zombies vs Ninja" SMF Party I fought it was time that we got a cooler since the parties and amount of people coming started to grown in size. 
I hit Home Depot after work the day before "Z vs. N" and grabbed a simple red cooler but also some spray paint so I could tag SMF on the top. It really wasn't my intention to make it look like something DX would do, but that was that end result . . .

In the past year besides being at every single Shit Movie Fest Party, The SMF Cooler has also kept 1000s of Beers Cold at Random BBQs, Chris' New Year's Eve Party, and has been Up & Down the East Coast . . . 
Including appearances at Season of the Witch, Monster Mania New Jersey, M.M. Maryland, and also Virginia's Blood on the Beach! And speaking of beaches it was even at The Alpha Girls Beach Party!

It's been an Eventful First Year for the SMF Cooler and if you are coming over for "SMF Presents: Shittacular Slashers and BBQ!" this coming Sunday be sure to get him a Gift . . .
He likes P.B.R.s, Yuengling Lagers, Bud, and just about any Beer not named "Schlitz"!

WARNING If you do bring a Case of Schlitz, he will not hesitate to send a Zuni Warrior after you!

- Tom Bryce

He Also Likes Stickers, so if you want to add to his collection  
that's cool too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Awesome "Draw Something" Pics #3

Here's Round 3 of the Awesome "Draw Something" Pics . . .

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Colonial Presents An Italian "All-Nighter Splatter Fest!"

On Saturday June 9th the Guys who Host the First Friday Fright Night at The Colonial Theatre will be hosting their first official "Fest", but just not any Fest it's going to be an "Italian All-Nighter Splatter Fest"!

Here's Some Info About this Fest and the Movies Playing in Their Own Words . . .

Monday, May 21, 2012

R.I.P. My "Stella" . . .

Just back from my Uncle's Auto Garage to Say Goodbye to "Stella" (named from the Interpol SONG) and gathered some belongings that were still in the trunk . . . 
I never felt more fortunate in my life that I was able to walk out of this Car with only a broken finger, a gash on my right forearm, and some cuts on my face! She was the very 1st Car I ever owned and in the end did a great job at protecting Me! 

- Tom

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Raiding My Father's Vinyl Collection! (Vol. 1)

Here's something a little different for a SMF post, it's a look at some of the Awesome and/or Oddball Records my Dad has in his Record Collection! My Dad (known to my friends as "Cooler Tom") is an avid lover of Music and before google came around I could always count on him for his knowledge of Pop, Jazz, and Rock Bands up to about the mid80s when I think he gave up on keeping up with the New Sounds! Here's a glimpse  of some albums he owns in a new blog feature I will post here every once in awhile, I'm dubbing it "Raiding My Father's Vinyl Collection" . . .

Before Rosetta Stone came along I guess there was this, according to "Living German" 6 Weeks from today I could Speak this Language Fluently!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Old "Freddy" Toy looking for info about . . .

So anybody know the story or also have one of these Freddy Krueger "figures"? 

I had this thing since the 80s but don't know if it's a knockoff or was put out by NewLine. It has a suction cup attached to a string on his fedora hat and he use to a have a skull in his nonGlove hand . . . but I lost that.

Any info? Was there a Jason one?

- Tom Bryce

Hanging with Lloyd Kaufman!

Last night I checked out the Philly Premiere of Troma Latest Film "Father's Day" at The Trocadero Theatre. The screening was put together by Josh Goldbloom The Awesome Fest and Troma's Head-Honcho Lloyd Kaufman was on had for a Q&A before the show!

After preGaming a bit at Finn McCools (A Center City Bar) I got to the Troc right before the festivities started, I spotted my friend Christina ( 1/2 of Cherry Bomb Bus ) in the Troc's upstairs bar hanging with Mr. Kaufman, the three of us talked for a little bit before he was called to the stage for the Q&A and the introduction for Father's Day. Even though I came to the event to see the movie, I ended up spending most of the night chatting in the bar with some other Troma enthusiast and also hanging out with Christina and Lloyd.

Here's some pictures I snapped from the show, including Christina & I taking turns being Toxie and some of the merchandise I picked up while I was there . . .

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awesome "Draw Something" Pics #2

Here's a follow up post to some of the Best Horror and Cult Movie Draw Something Pics on the Net . . . 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough‬ . . . Corey Feldman!

I just watched Meatballs 4 for the first time since I caught it on Cable in the Early 90s (in the hopes of seeing Boobs!), after finding it on a 4 Pack with other 80s Gems like "Hot Dog" and "Party Animal" besides it being maybe one of the lamest comedies ever made I couldn't help but wanting to post the scene of Feldman doing one of his awkward Michael Jackson Dances. Sadly the video wasn't on youtube, so I used my phone to upload so the quality is about as good as the Dance it's self . . .

After watching that video and you feel like torturing yourself some more, here's 10 More Videos of Corey pulling off all his best Jacko moves . . . 
I'm guessing this was written into all his movie contract in the Late 80s that he got to dance in at-least once scene!
These are the Best of the Worst of his Dance Moves from Movies, Music Videos, and "Live" Performances . . .

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Very Own Cabin in the Woods (Post 2)

Last month after seeing "Cabin in the Woods" I was inspired to make a visit to my Father's Hunting Cabin ( See Previous Post ) in Lycoming County, which is give or take 175 Miles North West of Philly. I can't recall for sure the last time I was up there, but I'd say it's  been more then likely 10 years since my last trip. When I was younger I'd spend about a week per month of my Summers up there, I can't really say much had changed since that time cause it all felt so familiar as I got into the small town about 10 miles before we approached the Cabin!
There were no masked killers in the woods and the only suffering that came my was allergies, so this might not be the most interesting of posts to make it's way on here but you may enjoy some of the pictures I snapped over the weekend . . .

Thursday, May 10, 2012

CONTEST: Enter to Win a Poster for the Movie "POPCORN"!

The Poster you see above is Chris Garofalo's of Quiltface-Studios Design for the Much Anticipated 35mm Screening of "Popcorn" on June 1st at The Colonial Theatre!
There will be only be 25 of these Bad Boys printed and each poster will be Die Cut into the shape of an actual Ticket! I love the idea Chris did here with the poster being in the shape of a ticket, it's quite the concept!  

Ok Now Onto How To Enter For A Chance To Win Chris' Limited Popcorn Print . . .

If you are a Fan of the movie Popcorn like me, you know that the Theatre "Maggie" (Jill Schoelen) and her friends rent out to host their All Night Horror-thon is an important character in it's own right and that's why seeing this movie at The Colonial will be extra special cause well just take a look at this place . . . It's pretty much just like the setting of the Movie!
Click HERE For More Pictures!

If you read this Blog often you know that I love going to as many Repertory Movie Screenings in my Area as possible! Between going to places such as The Colonial on Friday Nights or attending Exhumed Films' Events I caught a fair share of some my favorite movies in 35mm, most of which I was way to young to see when they were out during their Original Run! 

And Since Old Movies Are Such A Vital Part of POPCORN's Plot I want you to Post in  the Comments Section Below (The SMF Blog Only, Not via Facebook or Email) Some of your Favorite Movies you feel you were fortunate enough to have see on the Big Screen when they First Came Out and/or What's a Film you Would Love the Opportunity to See in 35mm!

That's all there is to it! The Deadline for this Quiltface-Studios Contest is Midnight June 4th, so have your entry in by then and please include your Email address in your Comment!
 All entries will be placed in a Popcorn Bag and a Winner will be picked out at random, so best of luck and thanks playing!

While you here don't forget about this Give-A-Way from House of Mysterious Secrets
We teamed up again this time for a Amazing Exclusive Shirt featuring "The Tall Man" from the Phantasm Series!
That Contest Will Be Up Until Midnight June 1st and Can Be Found Right ( HERE! )

- Tom Bryce

Like Shit Movie Fest On Facebook or Follow Us On Twitter . . .

MOLD! (A SMF Review)

Along with The Turnpike Killer (Review Here) another Microbudget Horror film I picked up at Chiller last month was MOLD! This isn't so much as a review of MOLD, since writing reviews isn't really my forte, but more of here's a Cool Movie I just became aware of and I think you should check it out too since most of us here have similar taste! 

MOLD is a Pitch Perfect Sendup of the 50s & 60s Sci-fi B-Movies infused with the practical gross-out effects featured in the Splatter Horror Films of the 70s & 80s!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CONTEST: Enter to Win a Limited Edition "Phantasm" Shirt!

After the success of the Night of the Demons Shirt  Give-A-Way from House of Mysterious Secrets,  We team up again this time for a Amazing Exclusive Shirt featuring "The Tall Man" from the Phantasm Series!

The Tall Man shirt will be ready to order on Kevin's Site soon, but the Winner of this Contest will be Guaranteed the First Shipment as soon as they are in Stock!

To Enter all you have do is post in the Comments Section Below (The SMF Blog Only, Not via Facebook or Email) and say what your Favorite Scene from the Phantasm Series is . . . It's That Easy!
(Incase you are wondering, for me it's the part where the The Tall Man picks up a coffin all by himself!)

The Deadline for this Contest is Midnight June 1st, so have your entry in by Then!
Please Enter Only Once and include your Email Address in your Entry so I don't have to send The Tall Man's Dwarves to Hunt you down if you Win!  
After that Deadline I will put All the Names Entered into a Small Black Box, Put my Hand Inside and Pull a Name out it! 
If you Win, I'll shoot you an email, ask your shirt size, and then pass that info on to Kevin who will ship the Shirt out to You!

BTW don't forget about the other Contest currently up for grabs here on the Blog, It's for a poster for the Cult Movie "Popcorn"!

That Contest Can be Found Right HERE and is Up Until Midnight June 4th!

Good Luck To All That Enter or As The Tall Man Would Say . . . 
"You Play a Good Game Boy, But the Game is Finished, Now You Die! "

- Tom Bryce

Monday, May 7, 2012

SMF Presents: Shittacular Slashers

So after much researching Josh and I finally came up with the list of what's going to play on May 27th as part of "SMF Presents: Shittacular Slashers"
Our plan was to get one representative from the different types of Slasher Films (e.g. a Giallo, Something Silly, a Camp/Back Woods type, A All Black Cast, a Post Scream Slasher etc.) 

After a lot of Facebook messages between the two of us in the last few weeks these are the 5 movies that ended up rounding out the list, with the 6th Film to be picked by you guys (Look Below for the Two Options a the Sixth choice!)

01: Killer Workout aka Aerobi-cide (1987)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Awesome "Draw Something" Pics People Uploaded!

Around this time last year I was pretty obsessed with the phone game "Words With Friends", which was odd cause because before I downloaded that game I think I could count the amount of times I played scrabble on one hand . . . but what can I say I found the game highly addictive . . . but the amount of drain it put on my phone's battery life lead me to cut on playing until i stopped all together. Flash forward to a couple months ago when a co-worker told me about this neat game called "Draw Something", he showed me some pictures of games he recently played and it looked like a lot of fun. But since I can't draw a lick I never bothered to download, but I gotta say some of the pics I seen from both my friends on Facebook and other sites online have been pretty Epic to say the least! Now while i'm sure there are millions and millions of pictures uploaded out there here's some of the ones I came across that I liked best.
 I was going to stick with just Horror Movies for this post, but some were so good I had to fit them in here also, This post will act as part one of a possible new feature here at SMF, enjoy and if you have any you want me to include shoot me an email at Shitmoviefest@comcast.net

The Turnpike Killer (A SMF Review)

At last weekend's Chiller Expo in New Jersey, I came across a lot of tables selling Independent and Microbudget Horror Films. Most looked very cheap and almost completely unwatchable, but one film I was compelled to pick up was The Turnpike Killer  . . .

I recently became aware of T.TP.K. via their Facebook Page and rather enjoyed the Trailer that can be best described as being in the same vein as 42nd Street "Grindhouse" Classics such as "Maniac", "The New York Ripper", and "Don't Go In The House".

They Live (Poster Round Up)

(Awesome "They Live" Cosplay I spotted at a Horror Con)

Some of the my favorite websites to check out each morning when I'm killing time before my work day officially starts are sites such as Reelizer or Mondo to see what New Posters for Old Movies that have been created by some of most talented Artist in the Game!

Most of these Posters blow whatever art the studio decided to use to market their film out of the Water. Some of these poster are made for limited or special engagement movie screening, and have also become highly sought after on websites such as Mondo or Ebay.
One of my favorite examples of this Poster trend has been the recent art created for John Carpenter's Cult Classic "They Live", since the plot of the movie dealt with an Alien Takeover via Propaganda and Subliminal Messages it isn't any wonder why this Film would be a natural fit when comes to this sort treatment. Here are some of the best "They Live" inspired posters I came across in my searches, followed by some "They Live" shirts you can currently Consume!

Andrew DeGraff's Poster made to look like a 80s Wrestling Toy 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

15 of Movie's Most Memorable "Ladies of the Night" . . .

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of seeing "Vice Squad", one of my favorite sleazy movies in 35mm at Exhumed Films' eX-fest. If you have never seen the movie it's about a Prostitute on the run from a Sadistic Pimp named Ramrod . . . After the movie I started thinking up other great movies that focused on Prostitution Rings, Pimps, and other Vices to come up with a Definitive List of 15 of the Most Memorable "Ladies of the Night" In Movies . . . 

May Happening Here on the SMF Blog . . .

With April officially over, here's I look at this month agenda and events I plan to check out so far!

Friday May 4th: Geekadelphia Presents: Masters of the Universe @ The Troc
Not only is this a rare chance to see the 1987 Classic on the Big Screen, my friends Zito and Trov will be premiering the trailer for their movie Alpha Girls! 
Oh and At the film’s conclusion Skeletor  will be hosting some Karaoke!