Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Print Advertisements #6 (Disney Adventures Edition Vol. 2)

Sorry I been kind of lacking lately when it comes to this V.P.A. Feature, but I want to get these Disney Adventures back to James Kaminski a.s.a.p., so here's some Ads and also Some Strange Shit I ran across some Random issues . . .

I really have to wonder what ever became of this kid!

No Celebrity Endorsements Implied . . . 

A Great Lineup, even better if you swap out the Gummy Bears with Darkwing Duck!

I Miss Rick Moranis, just want to point that out!

What ever have to that Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He wasn't that bad of an Actor.

Crankup the Oscar Mayer Weiner Song!

The Mullet Boys!

Not sure how Mars Attacks fits in with Disney? 

Fucking Awesome Game!

Still hold out for a Sequel!


Disney teaches you how to Stalk People!

- Tom Bryce

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