Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Very Own Cabin in the Woods . . .

Yesterday like many of my fellow Horror Loving Friends I took the trip to the local Ghettoplex to see the highly anticipated "Cabin in the Woods". I got to say the movie more then deliver the goods, I won't spoil anything or heck even review the movie here cause it's a film that almost requires you to go in to seeing it blindly to fully appreciate the Story and Twists . . . In other words the Trailer  really gives way to much away!

Now even though when I was watching Cabin I was creeped out by a lot of what I was seeing (but in a good way mind you), the movie oddly enough inspired me to want to visit my Dad's Hunting Cabin sometime this Summer.
He and his friend Fran purchased this place back in the mid80s, it's about 3 hours north west of Philly and from what I remember is pretty secluded in way of neighbors with maybe the closest one being about a mile up the road. I haven't been up there in easily 10 years but I dug threw some pictures last night and I feel it's stupid not to at least visit this land every once in awhile . . . Even if the place will still give me the creeps when I'm alone at Night . . What can I say I'm a City Boy, Dark Wood aren't really something I'm sure I could get use too!

Here are some pictures of the property  and some childhood memories of having a Hunter in the family . . .

Here's a recent picture of the Cabin, I remember it having two bed rooms, a fireplace, and an attic no normal size person would be able to get too . . . the thing was more like a crawl space that anything.

Here's without a doubt the SCARIEST picture of my Dad I ever seen!

Fun Fact:
When I was still in Grade School up to about the Third Grade I could always count on my Dad being outside at the end of the day to give me a ride home, and in the Fall when he would return home from Buck or Doe Season was no different! I remember one year there was quite the commotion towards the end of the day when a fellow classmate went to the window to clap out the chalkboard erasers and screamed out that there was a Dead Deer outside on some guys car! Sure as shit it was my Dad and there was in fact a Dead Deer on his old station wagon aka The Brown Bomber. I was mortified to say the least and had to hear from my friends for a good while that my Dad killed Bambi! I wonder how many children were scarred for life that day!

Also in the early 90s when Fran was up there alone he spotted this Bear about 15 Feet from the house, so anytime I went up there around that time frame with my folks I really wasn't allowed to go to far off on my own . . . no problem I was petrified to do so any way!

This right here is a picture of my Dad's Tree Stand from which he hunts from, he built this back in the Summer of 87 and from what I hear it's still in great shape!
Not sure if the 676 Sign is still there though!

Here's some random pics I also found, the bombed out looking wall was on a field that was in the Cabin's vicinity, don't think it was part of our land though.

The one thing I will definitely miss the most when I make the trip up there this sumer will be not having my dog Penny with me for the ride, she passed away about seven years ago.
I don't think there was anyone alive who enjoyed that place more then Her, since we live in a city there really wasn't many places for her to run loose, so when we would take her up there on Family trips she always had the best time! I'll never forget her running in the Creek, chasing Frogs and running up the Hill about 5o steps ahead of me but always look back to see if she had my approval to go further . . . Damn I miss that Doggy!

Well anyway that's the place, and I'm really looking forward to getting up there soon. I think I might bring up some stupid films such as "Cabin Fever" and "Don't Go In The Woods . . . Alone" for a mini marathon or something, we shall see!

- Tom Bryce


  1. Love this post. And I'd love to join you on a cabin outing this Summer, if you wanted some company!

  2. Yeah I thinking getting group up there one weekend would be awesome, I know my friends Jay and Steve are interested. We'll figure it out :)