Friday, April 6, 2012

More Love For The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Since my post last January about the Gill-Man titled "My Ode to The Creature from the Black Lagoon" my own personal collection has grown considerably and I even had the pleasure meeting Ricou Browning, who played the Creature in all the underwater scenes for the 3 films! Here are some toys, poster/prints, and other odds & ends I have gathered in the last few months . . .

First and foremost I got this Gill-man figure done by Terry Cruikshank Creations at March's Monster Mania.
It's almost 2 feet high and is highly detailed! I have been a fan of Terry's work for awhile and was finally at a Horror Convention where I didn't have to worry about how I was going to get something I bought from him home. Needless to say this is my favorite Gill-Man related item in my collection and it's going to be pretty hard to top!

Next up is a Print from Chris Kuchta 
Chris' work is perfection and I knew when I had first seen it online (on his Facebook page) that I had to own it. I just met him in North Carolina for "Mad Monster Party" and picked it up there. Since Ricou Browning was also at that show, Chris's print is what I ended up getting signed! Visit Chris' store right HERE.

If you recall in the last Creature post I talked about how I had the first two films on VHS, but wasn't able to find part 3 "The Creature Walks Among Us" back in the day. Well thanks to a seller also at Mad Monster Party I was able to score T.C.W.A.U. and another copy of the original film for $10.
The original film has a copyright on it of 1986 so I'm guessing this is one the earliest appearances of the film for the Home Video Market.

At every show I go to I always pick up a few magnets at different tables. Here are 6 creatures I have gotten over the last couple years . . .

Now here are some other toys that I found and broke down and bought. First up is this toy that features not only Gill-Man but also Julia Adams aka Kay!

Here's a stuffed animal from FUNKO still in it's original bag.It's very cute, what else can I say I'm a sucker for shit like this.

A few months back I posted about "Pogs". I still own some from the 90s and some of the cooler ones were put out featuring the Universal Monsters. For this post I gathered up just the Creature ones to showcase . . .

For a dollar I found this Creature Candle at Monster Mania, so silly but not as silly as our next item . . .

Yes, it's the Creature on a skateboard! 
All my life I always knew something was missing and that something was this. I can't look at this thing without laughing like a little kid!

Now here are some photos, cartoons and other Creature stuff that I found on the interwebs!

A Speed Bump Cartoon 

The Greatest Rock Band Ever? I Think So!

Run Gill-Man Run!

A new figure from Mezco coming to toy shelves in 2013!

Did you know The Creature has a Daughter? 
Her name is "Lagoona Blue" and she's part of the Monster High Toys!

And last, but not least to end this post. Here is a picture of me with the Creature himself Ricou Browning!
We talked for a good while about the making of the movies and also their lasting legacy on Cinema. Totally awesome guy and an experience I'll always remember!

Hope you enjoyed this Creature follow up. Until next time . . .

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