Thursday, April 19, 2012

A look at some of the awesome Art I have acquired over the Years (Part 2 of 2)

So here's Part 2 of my Art Collection posts, a lot of these are Horror Movie Posters from either Mondo or Fright Rags, but there are also some nonMovie Posters in the Mix. . . Enjoy

This is something I picked up from It's called "The Creeps" and it by the artist Ron Zakrin
This is a painting named "The Snow Bride" from the famous artist Tara McPherson, it's one of my favorite things I own!

Debbie Harry of Blondie has always been my favorite singer and when Shepard Fairey did this print a few years back I knew I needed to own it!

Tied with "Videodrome", my favorite movie ever made is "Class of 1984", I became aware of the this print by Cinema Overdrive from my good friend Kristy Jett last year and was able o get one of of these limited posters! 

Now here are some of the Mondo Poster I was lucky enough to score in the last few years, if you collect Horror posters you know how hard these are to come by!

The first one I was able to get was Alex Pardee's take on "Tremors", the original poster for the movie was a take on the old Jaws poster so his poster is a play on the Jaws 2 poster!

Last Fall Phantom City Creative put out three poster for Mondo . . . "Sleep Away Camp", "The Burning" and "Trick 'R Treat", I waited on the computer all day at work and when the time came I keep getting timed out so I ended up ordering them all off my phone lol

This "Cabin in the Wood" was also put out by Phantom City, I got the poster before even seeing the movie but i knew i was going to love Cabin so there really was no risk involved!

These two posters are from  Electric Zombie and feature two of my favorite 90s Horror Films . . . Return of the Living Dead 3m and Branscan!

And finally I have these two poster put out by Fright Rags a Hatchet poster done in an 80s Old School Style and also this sweet mashup of two Classic Fred Dekker Films Monster Squad & Night of the Creeps . . .

Well that's it for my Art collection, hope you enjoyed what you seen and remember to go out and support you Local Arts!

- Tom Bryce

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