Thursday, April 19, 2012

A look at some of the awesome Art I have acquired over the Years (Part 1 of 2)

Over the years I been slowly but surely building my self a pretty sweet Art Collection, it helps to have some Extremely talented friends such as Christine Larsen (The Larsen , Chris Ott (London 1888), Chris Garofalo (Quiltface Studios) who are constantly upping their craft each time I see them! Also from time to time I luck out on scoring a Mondo Poster aka Winning the Lottery. I'm going to break this down into 2 posts with the First Post Dealing with Art I got off of Friends, and the Second Post focusing on stuff I got off the Net!

Without any further ado, here's some of the Best Posters, Prints, Canvases, and any other types of Art that I am the Proud Owner of! 

I'll start with Christine Larsen sine I've known here the longest and if you ever been to the SMF Facebook Page you know she does 90% of the Art on it . . .

"It Came From Beyond" is one of the earliest pieces I got off her, it was for a art she had where she did about 8 Canvases for Fake B-Movies, She made up the titles and everything!

This is "The Pit" and I was given this as an X-mas Print a couple years back. 

There is so much going on in this painting, including an lady with an Eagle's heading getting her Boobs squeezed by a Demon!

"The Pervert" was purchased by me last May at one of her 12 Steps Down shows, I bought it cause it sorta of reminds me of  Videodrome with the whole TV thing going on.

Now here are some prints from Chris Ott who's store you can find right HERE

The first his is now out of print "A Nightmare On Elm Street Poster" Poster . . .
I have so far gotten this singed by Robert Englund (Freddy), John Saxon (Lt. Thompson), and Amanda Wyss (Tina). I am still waiting to get Heather Langenkamp to sign it before I get this framed, the last two shows I was going to where was part of the guest list she was a no-show.

This "They Live" Print from Chris is only missing Mr. Keith David's signature on it. So far it has Meg Foster's, Piper's, an John Carpenter's 

I got this Child's Play's Print signed by Brad Dourif . . . "To Tom, Friends To The End!"

These are all prints I have gotten from Chris Garofalo of Quiltface-Studios. I meet Chris from going to the Colonial Theater where he does most of the posters for the Special 35mm shows they run on the weekends. 
Monster Squad

Friday 7

My Bloody Valentine

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Speaking of the Colonial, these are some other prints I got from the 35mm Shows .  . .

This was a Poster I won from the "Manic" Screening who I go signed by Bill Lustig the same evening.

This was the special poster done by Tom Whalen for the same show . . .

Joel Rickenbach who helps programs a lot of the movies for the theater has also been doing some amazing posters as of late!

This was from the "Pieces" show . . .

And these 3 were from the recent "From Dusk Till Dawn" screening . . .

Right now on this very Blog, I am giving those 3 Posters out in a Contest that you can find right HERE

Moving away from the Movie Prints here are some Music Related and Other Finds From Art Galleries . . .

These Debbie Harry and Karen O paintings are from a Philly artist by the name of Dan Eells 

This was a gift from my friend Nicole for Christmas one year, it's of my favorite band Depeche Mode . . .

I found this by a West Coast Artist named Shawn Whisent in a Fishtown Gallery a couple years back it something you have to see in person to see all the details in it!

This is called "Urban Harvest" and it's from Justin Grey. I got this at a Halloween show and I love everything about it including the old frame he used.

And last but certainly not least are these Greg Christie Prints . . .

Ok so that's all for the Art I picked up from Friends and at Art Shows local to me, next up will be the Posters/Prints I snagged online!

- Tom Bryce


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