Saturday, April 14, 2012

Contest: "Hunger Games" Card Set . . .

When I went to go see the Ting Tings at the Troc last night, I saw  packs of these Hunger Games Cards laying around on a table near Coat Check, I figured whay not grab a set for another SMF Give-a-Way!

There's 13 Cards in All with 12 Cards representing the 12 Districts of Panem and 1 for the Capital . . .

I tried to find out more info on them but only seen someone have them listed on Ebay for $40 . . .
I doubt that these are all that Rare or Worth anything close to $40. So here's your chance to win a set for NOTHNG . . . Well besides leaving a comment in the Comments Section below (only on this Blog!) telling me why you are a Fan of the Hunger Games!

I'll keep this contest up until Midnight April 21st and randomly pick a name out of a Bag. So if the Hunger Games is your bag enter by then and  May the Odds be Ever in your Favor . . .

- Tom Bryce


  1. Ive been a fan of the hunger games for years.The books drew me in from the start and im still just as obessed with the series as i was when they fist came out. I don't really know why, i think overall the story just captivated me.

  2. Hey Josy this are yours since you are the only person to to enter, what's you email?

  3. Just wanted to say thanks, the cards are awesome! =D

  4. Cool glad you got them, them, sorry I was away the weekend you sent the email back to me.