Saturday, April 14, 2012

Contest: Enter to Win a "From Dusk Till Dawn" 3 Poster Set!

Last weekend I checked out the First Friday Fright Night's 35mm screening of "From Dusk Till Dawn" at  The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

At most Colonial Theatre Shows a Local Artist will do a Special Limited Print or Poster for that night's particular movie, this show featured Posters from Joel Rickenbach. Joel is 1/3 of the First Friday Fright Night Crew and here's what he whipped up with for the "From Dusk Till Dawn" Show!
The 3 Poster Set are done in the style of Old School Exploitation Film Lobby Cards and they each measure 11X17. 

These posters are pretty freaking amazing and I knew I had to grab an extra set for a give-a-way here on the Blog! So if you Win you get a poster of Santanico Pandemonium with Frost & Seth Gecko . . .
Sex Machine with Jacob & Richie Gecko . . .
 And The Gecko Brothers With Razor Charlie & Kate . . .

To Enter here's all you have to Do . . . In the Comments Section below (on the SMF Blog only please, not via Email or Facebook) Post your Favorite Vampire films from the following Decades . . .
The 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010 until Now!


70s: Blood for Dracula
80s: Fright Night or Lost Boys (To close to call for me!)
90s: From Dusk Till Dawn
00s: Blade 2
10s: Stake Land

I don't care if your favorites include "Once Bitten", "Dracula: Dead and Loving It", or any of of the "Twilight" Films, it's whatever as long as it's a Vampire Movie! Please Enter Only Once and You have up to Midnight May 1st to Do So!
(And after that date a winner will be picked at Random!)

OK, Ramblers. Let's get Rambling!

-Tom Bryce


  1. Nathan

    70s: Vampyres
    80s: Near Dark (favorite vampire movie PERIOD!)
    90s: Stephen King's The Night Flier
    00s: TIE - Let the Right one In & Thirst
    10s: Stake Land

  2. Eric

    70s: Vampire Lovers
    80s: Near Dark (gotta agree with Nathan here)
    90s: John Carpenter's Vampires
    00s: Daybreakers
    10s: Stake Land (Agreeing with Nathan once more!)

  3. 70s: Dracula AD 1972
    80s: The Hunger
    90s: Bram Stoker's Dracula
    00s: The Thirst
    10s: Vampires Suck

  4. Eric Martin

    70s: Fascination
    80s: Near Dark
    90s: Subspecies
    00s: Let the Right one In
    10s: Stake Land

  5. Romain

    70s : Martin
    80s : Fright Night
    90s : Blade
    00 : 30 Days of night
    10 : Stake Land

  6. Mitch Reaves

    70s: Salem's Lot
    80s: Near Dark
    90s: Blade
    00s: Let the Right One In
    10s: Stake Land

  7. 70's: The Deathmaster
    80's: Living Dead Girl
    90's: Leif Jonker's Darkness
    00's: At Dawn They Sleep
    10's: Underworld: Awakening

  8. 70's: Dracula A.D 1972
    80's: Fright Night
    90's: Bram Stoker's Dracula
    00's: 30 Days Of Night
    10's: Stake Land

  9. Definitely a big difference between "Dusk til Dawn" 3-poster set, and "Dusk til Dawn 3" poster set. Glad to see it's the former and not the latter...

    70s: Rabid (it's as much zombie as vampire, but I LOVE it)
    80s: Living Dead Girl
    90s: Blade
    00s: Daybreakers
    10s: Stake Land

  10. Michael Willgruber

    70's: Martin
    80's: Lost Boys
    90's: From Dusk Til Dawn
    00's: Underworld
    10's: Stake Land

  11. 70's: Blacula
    80's: Fright Night
    90's: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    00's: 30 Days of Night
    10's: Let Me In
    James Harris

  12. '70s: Salem's Lot
    '80s: Fright Night
    '90s: Robo Vampire (cannot beat hopping bunny vampire nonsense)
    '00s: Shadow of the Vampire
    '10s: Stake Land

  13. 70's: Martin (although Dark Shadows ruled my childhood)
    80's: Lost Boys
    90's: Interview with a Vampire
    00's: 30 Days of Night(by far some of the most original vampires I have seen in a while)
    10's: Let the Right One In

    -Falon Joslyn

  14. 70's-Scars of Dracula
    80's-Fright Night
    90's-Bram Stokers Dracula

  15. 70's - Vampire Circus
    80's - Fright Night
    90's- John Carpenter's Vampires
    00's - Let The Right One In/The Hamiltons(tie)
    10's - Let Me In

  16. 70's--Salem's Lot/Love at First Bite (I can't help it!)
    80's--Fright Night
    90's--From Dusk Til Dawn
    00's--Let the Right One In
    10's--Stake Land

  17. 70s: Martin
    80s: Living dead girl
    90s: From dusk til dawn
    00s: Let the right one in
    10s: Stake land

  18. 70s: Blacula
    80s: Lost Boys
    90s: Vampire From Brooklyn
    00s: (Is Kate Beckensale in leather a movie?) Underworld
    10s: Let Me In

  19. 70's: Salem's Lot
    80's: Once bitten
    90's: From Dusk Till Dawn
    00's: Blade II
    10's: none

  20. 70s: Salems Lot
    80s: The Lost Boys
    90s: Subspecies
    00s: Thirst
    10s: Stake Land

  21. The winner for the 3 poster Set is Justin Hamelin :)

  22. Nice review. Quite thorough. Personally, I love the first movie of this series, but can't say the same for the next two. The last two just have weird plots and lots of bad acting. I think that only the genius of Quentin Tarantino could pull together the strange premise of these movies and make it work.

    I got the chance to review of couple others in this series on my blog. They are short reviews but cover most the series. Check it out if you get the chance.