Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chiller Weekend (Spring 2012)

I just got back from the Spring Time Edition of the "Chiller Theatre Expo", if you ever been to the Chiller show you know it's hard to fit everything in a night so this time around I went to the Friday and Saturday Portion of the Show. During the Weekend I got to hang with some great people like The Lombardos (Nick & Nikki), Kristy Jett, Sean VHSPS, Chris Ott, and also meet Jimmy (of Dr. Terrors' Blog of Horrors ) in person for the first time and also Tiffany who posts on the SMF Facebook Page. It was a Fantastic time, but the crowds were way overwhelming . . . Saturday you couldn't even move around so I ended up jetting around 3pm. Friday night was less packed so I got the majority of my DVD Buys and Guest Signings in that night, I also spent a lot of time shooting the shit with Nick and Nikki which was the highlight of my weekend, well it's a tie cause K.J., James, and I had an EpicFail/You Had To Be There of a Lunch at a Local Chinese Restaurant before the Show!

Rather then bore you with tons of stupid "personal" details, here a Shit-load of Pics from the weekend and also my Chiller "Loot" . . . 

So I narrow down what Guests I wanted to meet at the show the night before, and since Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Zoe Bell weren't able to make the show, I ended up meeting just 4 People All Weekend! The lowest about for a show to date, but the 4 I meet were all Pretty Epic!

Dean Cameron of Summer School was the person i was most excited to meet, his role of "Chainsaw" is one of my all-time favorite Movie Characters!
I loved how he posed for this pic! Really Funny and Down-To-Eath Guy.

I also meet 80s Wrestling Icon/G.I. Joe Sgt. Slaughter!
Slaughter was in Great Shape, I hate saying this but every time you see a Wrestler at these shows they look pretty old and beaten down . . . But not The Sarge, he still looked ready to Kick Some Cobra Ass!

Next up is Al Leong
You may recognize him from "Bill & Ted", but he's also the dude in every BadAss Action Film Ever Made! Everything from Lethal Weapon to Die Hard!

The Final guest I meet over the weekend was Robert Loggia
I love this man in so many movies . . . "Big", "Scarface" . . ."Over The Top"! A True Hollywood Legend!

As you may know from other posts around these parts I am a big time Wrestling Toy Lover, at this show there were a lot of people selling old school WWF guys for about $3-5 a pop so here's the ones I picked up . . .
Some WWF Hasbros, I had the first 3, never had "Green Suite" Ted, but I really needed the Million Dollar Belt 

Bootlegs, with the last guy being a deadringer for the Iron Shiek

Thumb Wrestlers of Hogan and Big John Studd

Bendy figures of Mr. Wonderful, King Kong Bundy, J.Y.D., and Hillbilly Jim

A couple months ago I did a post on HERE about the 90s Dick Tracy Toys and how I was missing "Flattop" and "The Rodent" . . . Well I found them at Chiller!

Here's my DVD/Blu-Rays Pickups . . .

From VHSPS I got . . .
"Remote Control", "Last House on Dead Street", "Shock 'Em Dead", "Killer Party", and Warlock Video's "Happy Helladays"

From other tables I got . . .
"WoodChipper Massacre", "Toxic Crusaders Cartoon", and "Maniac Cop" on Bluray!

These Two Poster are huge and the seller only want $5 for them! 

A "Vice Squad" Lobby Card for $1 . . . Team Ramrod 4 Life

Ok Here's some Random Pics from the rest of the weekend, I'll try to explain them the best that I can lol

Random Michael Musto Sighting!


Uncle Lllyod!

Sean VHSPS and Melina

Creature Mask!

With Lyndsey Brown of The Turnpike Killer


Actual "Scanners" Prop!


I'd Buy That For A Dollar!

It takes all kinds of Critters to make Farmer Vincent fritters!

Well that's a wrap, thanks again for Great weekend everyone I hung out with!

- Tom Bryce


  1. This looks like such an amazing time. So remember how I couldn't go because I had to save money for vacation? Well, we also had a garage sale today and made enough money to go only I think my wife has a lo-jack on me. :sigh: It was so great to meet you and I'm sure we'll hang again. That Traci Lords flick is one straight out of my childhood (as was Traci I Love You of course).

  2. I never heard of "Shock" until it recently popped up in the back of Fango last month, an way great meeting you. Hopefully I will see you at Monster Mania Weekend

  3. I dug the whole thing but the Melina banner was a highlight of this post!

  4. Hey it's Tiffany! Thanks for the shoutout! It was nice meeting you too! This Chiller was awesome!! I'll be there in October too!