Monday, April 23, 2012

Blood on the Beach 2012 (Weekend Recap)

Here's an abbreviated recap of this past weekend's Blood on the Beach Horror Con that took place in Virginia Beach, VA,

It usually takes me 2 posts to fit everything it, but as my good friend John (Freddy in Space) recently said it gets harder and harder to write a full Horror Recap . . . Most of these shows consists of Binge Drinking at the Bar/Hotel Room, Inside Jokes with Friends, and Had to be There Moments . . . The Fact that you are there for a Horror Con almost becomes an after thought at times. I'm going to do my best to feature some of the Highlights from weekend and try to bore you with the details.

I spent the majority of the Weekend and shared a Room with my two friends Jay and Steve from Icon vs. Icon, the day before the Con (Thursday) I stayed with Steve and Wife who treated me to some awesome Maryland Steamed Crabs and later we went to a Bar named "Foxy's Harbor Grille" that was right off the Bay and had one of the most beautiful views I ever seen.

 Jay came to pick us up Friday morning and we were on the Road by 9am, I was responsible for the trip's playlist and stuck to an 80's Metal Theme plus some Wolfmother added for good measure . . .

The trip to Virginia Beach was pretty fast all thing considered, but I was grateful that I didn't have to do any of the driving and got to take in all the sights from the crazy f strange Mom and Pop stores on the side of the Road to the Crystal Clear Oceans. When we reached our destination we stopped at the Gordon Biersch Brewing that I only found to be so-so. We checked into the Days Inn where B.o.t.B. was taking place soon after. After settling in at the room, Steve and I went down to the lobby to check out the scene. After getting our tickets and learning the layout of the hotel the first star that I had the pleasure of meeting was Barbara Nedeljakova (Natalya in Hostel). This was the first Convention I  attended that she was on the guest list  and being a big fan of the "Hostel" series she was one of the top people I wanted to meet that weekend.

"To Tom I got a lot of Money for you, so that makes you my Bitch!"

William Forsythe was at a table right near by so after meeting Barbara he was next up!

 I meet William at "Rock N Shock" last Fall and wanted to get him to sign something for my Boss who like me is a Huge fan of the  Steven Seagal Movie "Out For Justice", but he ran out of "Richie " 8x10s . . . This time he had them so I got one for my Boss and also my  "Do You Got The Balls? Now You Got The Bread!"

Steve and I meet back up with Jay at the Bar to watch the Flyers Game and well Drink some. 

There was only one more autograph I got that night before going to the VIP Party . . .
I got Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your Grave) to sign my Clay-guy Bathtub Model of the famous "Tub Scene". Camille was a Sweet Lady and was very talkative with everyone all Weekend.

We checked out the V.I.P. Party but only stayed a few song by the Alice Cooper Cover Band "Alice Creeper", they were good but it was already a long day and bed was starting to call my name.

Lost Boys Cake


The Crowds on Saturday were a lot harder to deal with then the night before, this picture will give you an idea of how things were looking just to get in the meet and greet room . . .

I managed to meet both Edward Herrmann and Danielle Harris the last Two Stars I wanted to meet that weekend right before it got to crazy . . .

Edward Herman was there as part of The Lost Boys 25th Anniversary Reunion, totally one of the nicest guest I'm come across.

After seeing Danielle at numerous shows but always having a line the size of the pics I just posted above, I caught her as she was coming off break so the wait wasn't very long. She was a total Sweetheart and I'm glad I finally worked up the nerve to meet her.
She's So TINY!

Since there were to many people inside we opted to go outside and catch a Roller Derby Game, it was a nice little change of pace to say the least.

The rest of the night was spent at the bar hanging with friends new and old and killing time until the big G. Tom Mac show. Steve, Jay, Liz, and I made friends with this guy Dustin who was from Long Island. He wasn't even there for the show just there on Business so all this Horror stuff was all very Surreal to him. Oh and I also meet Paul from Puddle of Mud, a Zombie Turkey, Brooke McCarter, and Death somewhere along this time too, it's all kind of Blurs Together!

So off to the G. Tom Mac we all went, it was amazing, besides doing his hit "Cry Little Sister" from the Lost Boys, he also did some covers, oddly enough two of them were from my favorite bands Depeche Mode and Love & Rockets. I upload some of them to Youtube but since I was so close to the stage there is a lot of feedback so be warned!

After the show me and the guys hung back in the lobby, hanged back at the bar. I think we ended up partying till about 4 am, so when we checked out around 9 am needless to say we were all a tad bit hungover on the car ride home!

I ended up getting back in Philly around 4ish and still really haven't got unpacked yet but I wanted to get this all up today while it was still fresh in my mind. To Jay, Steve, Chris Ott, Chris Behringer, Liz Gray, Mike Smash, Tiana, and John with the "That Metal Show" head tattoo it was awesome hanging with everyone as always.  Special thanks for Kristy Jett for hooking me up with the Weekend Passes! To the people who ran the Blood on the Beach it was a fun time but I think that a bigger venue is the way to go next time around.

I leave you guys with this final picture I'm dubbing "Stripe I think that it's time you admit you have a Drinking Problem!"

Till Next Time . . .
- Tom Bryce


  1. Such great pictures! Seems you had a great time!

  2. I really did, but Chiller this weekend is the one I been most looking forward to . . .

  3. Looks like you had one HELL of a time! Jamie the orphan looks mad hott!

  4. LOL....I remember you, I'm the guy who told you to say something less than tactful to Danielle Harris as you were waiting for her to finish her Chick-Fil-A. I see you made it! Nice pics man!

  5. Oh yeah I remember that now, Saturday was pretty much a blur . . . If it wasn't for looking at the pics a few times I'd never be able to put these recaps together lol

  6. I know what you mean...I was in that long line pic you took up there, and I had about 5 crown and cokes while I stood in line, I was pretty gabby by the time I actually made it in. lol

    Long but cool day