Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Happening Here on the SMF Blog . . .

Well my month is nowhere near as packed as it was in March, which isn't necessary a bad thing cause last month really took it's toll on me. I got some pretty cool things I am looking forward to and I am happy to say they are a lot more spread out!

Sunday April 1st
 Shit Movie Fest Presents: Stu-A-Mania

Today is the monthly Shit Movie Party, this month it's a Wrestling themed show and is Dubbed "Stu-A-Mania". You can read all the details HERE
I'm really looking forward to playing those movies later today with a crowd and later see team "Just Bring It" lay waste to John Cena! WrestleMania makes me feel young again!

Friday April 5th

From Dusk Till Dawn  35mm Screening at The Colonial Theatre

I missed out on this one when it was first out, so seeing it on Friday will make up for that in a big way.
Plus it's kinda like seeing two movies for the price of one!

Thursday April 12th 

The Pretty Reckless at The T.L.A.

I been a fan of this band's since I first heard "Make Me Wanna Die" during the end credits of "Kickass".
Last fall with the guys from Icon vs. Icon we seen them open for Guns 'N' Roses and Miss Taylor Momsen really held her own.
It will be great to see her headline a show and in a smaller venue, at the G'N'R show we were pretty fat back.

Friday April 20 - Sunday April 23

Blood on the Beach

Speaking of the Icon vs. Icon guys, Jay, Steve, and I are heading down to Virginia Beach for this Convention.
There are a lot of great GUEST including Edward Herrrmann (The Lost Boys), a Lost Boys Reunion, and the guy who played "Bennett" in Commando!

Friday April 27th


Not sure if I will be there on Saturday, but I already have a room for Friday night. The lineup is sick . . . Robert Loggia, Danny Aiello, Zoe Bell, Dean Cameron, and Al Leong!

Sunday April 29th

Exhumed Films Presents: eX-fest Part 2
7 Crazy Movies in 12 Hours . . . All Shown in 35mm
I can't wait! 

So that's what my Month is looking like so far, I will get recaps of the Cons on here a.s.a.p and also a write up on the eXfest the following day! If you see me at any of these events speak up and we'll grab a beer together . . .

- Tom Bryce

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