Sunday, April 1, 2012

90s Wrestling Toys Vol. 3 (More Hasbro, Bend-ems, and Galoob)

A couple months ago when I was posting the other two Wrestling Toys Flashbacks Posts (Part 1 & Part 2 )
 I totally got caught up with looking for some deals on Ebay! I set a $15 before shipping limit goal for myself and only broke it onnce because as you will se below it was for one of the rarer WCW figures . . .

This Dustin Rhodes WCW Galoob Figure was only released in the U.K., this figures are pretty hard to come by because of that!

Ric Flair, Rick & Scott Steiner, and Lex Luger
I owned all these guys in the WCW Galoob line but never the WWF Hasbro Line, save for Flair they all look better as a Hasbro imo

Now for some more Bend-ems

HBK, Chyna, HHH, and X-Pac

Cactus Jack, Steve Austin, and Kane

Taka, Edge, and Grandmaster Sexy
No clue why they made Taka so big! Look at him compared to Edge

Bret Hart, Sid, Razor, and the Bulldog

Mark Mero, Double J, and Rocky

Now For Real Old School Stuff, Those Big ruber Guys from the 80s.
I was just about getting into wrestling around 87 so i don't own many of these type of toys

George "The Animal" Steel, Andre The Giant, and Big John Studd

Hillbilly Jim, Hulk Hogan, and J.Y.D.

Piper, Nikolai Volkoff, and Don Muraco 

That's pretty much it for my Old School Wrestling Collection, I have a ton of the Jackks WWF Guys from 95 to 98 and the Toybiz WCW figures but I will wait awhile to post all of them :)

- Tom Bryce

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