Saturday, April 7, 2012

15 of the Most Memorable Bars In Movies . . .

Here's a little list I started thinking up last night while I was watching "From Dusk Till Dawn". The bar in that movie ("The Titty Twister") plays such a prominent role that after the screening I began to jot down the names of other Fictional Bars that were much more than just a setting, but also a Character in their own right! This list spans from a Football Club in England to a Galaxy Far, Far Away . . .

015: Eurotrip ~ Feisty Goat
When our young, just out of High School American tourists, go looking for a cold beer and to kill some time in London maybe entering a bar called "The Festy Goat" wasn't the wisest of choices. They were about to get their heads bashed in by the Football Club's Leader (Played by Vinnie Jones) until they knew the official Man U Fight Song . . .

Wait that was actually the song?

014: Boogie Nights ~ Boogies Nights Club aka the club Maurice Rodriguez Runs.
This is the place where it all happens. The place where Eddie Adams first meets Jack Horner. History was made that night and because of it nobody will ever forget the name "Dirk Diggler"! I love this bar, it's seedy as hell, the music is jamming, and Heather Graham is skating around giving "oral auditions" in the coat check room . . . what more can you ask for?

013: Scarface ~ The Babylon Club
The Babylon Club is a lot like the club in Boogie Nights, just with slightly more cocaine and a high chance of gun fire breaking out. But I would be willing to risk that for a girl like Elvira Hancock and hearing Debbie Harry singing about YeYo on the speakers . . . Just Saying!

012: Police Academy ~ The Blue Oyster
In the first 3 or 4 Police Academy's there was a running gag on sending people to the Gay Leather Bar the "Blue Oyster"

Once you go there this music plays and you Dance! 

011: Porky's ~ Porky's 
Before there was American Pie 9 or Superbad, there was one place to go if you were a teen trying to lose "It"! Porky's is a great movie that still holds up, maybe it's because even though it came out in the early 80s it takes place in the 50s. There are two major scenes that take place at the bar; the initial trip and towards the end where the group tears the place down. Both are hilarious. I won't really talk about the sequels besides in part 3 Old Pork has himself a River Boat.

010: Gremlins ~ Dorry's Tavern
One of my favorite scenes in the movie takes place at the Tavern. It's here where you get a lot of the madcap shit from the Gremlins we most commonly associate them with! Just watch this silly scene, they wreck shop!

009: The Shining ~ Overlook Hotel Bar (The Gold Room)
What a creepy fucking scene as Jack talks to the Hotel Bartender who really isn't there . . . "A Little Slow Tonight!"

008: Cable Guy ~ Medieval Times 
Some will say "The Cable Guy" is an awful movie. To each their own. But how can anyone hate this spoof of Kirk and Spock's fight from Star Trek?!?

007: An American Werewolf in London ~ The Slaughter Lamb
Much like the bar in EuroTrip; two American's enter a English Bar and right off the bat they sense that they are unwelcome. This place really sets the tone for the movie. If only they didn't ruin that one guy's dart game and were allow to stay at the Bar then David and Jack wouldn't have meet such horrible fates . . . But then again you wouldn't have a movie! Lesson learned. You find yourself in a weird bar don't ask questions!

006: Road House ~ The Double Deuce (Aka The Double Douche!)
I love Road House . . . No I LOVE Roadhouse,. It's without a doubt one of the silliest movies ever made. Watch as skinny as fuck Dalton (Patrick Swayze) take on a Southern Gangster and his muscle bound army of goons. The Bar is their battle ground and lines such as "I Used To Fuck Guys Like You In Prison!" are said to one another before such brawls! The Double Deuce is perhaps the most dangerous place to go out for a beer. A fight would break out at the drop of a hat but KuFu Swayze has got your back. So don't worry!

005: A Clock Work Orange ~ The Korova Milk Bar
The perfect spot to sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence! I love this set. The white mannequins with the odd color bush hair. The crazy writing on the walls, and a lady singing Beethoven . . . What's not to love? Alex has great taste. I'm sure if Yelp was around in this movie he would have given it a high rating!

004: From Dusk Till Dawn ~ The Titty Twister
The reason I thought of making this list in the first place. Besides being feed on by Vampires it's a Hell of a place! The end shot where you see what the Twister sits on and all the trucks in the ditch is EPIC!

BTW the dance that Salma Hayek does is still one of the hottest things I have ever seen!

003: Out For Justice ~ Vinnie Madano's Bar
The bar fight scene in "Out For Justice" ranks very high on the list of my favorite scenes ever. Just watch this clip of Steven Seagal as he takes down the entire Biker Bar and tries to solve the most important mystery of our times . . . "Who's Hot Dog is This?"

002: Shaun of the Dead ~ The Winchester Pub
Besides the mall in Dawn of the Dead is there a better place to wait out a Zombie Apocalypse then a bar? I think not! Just don't get the urge to play a tune on the jukebox!

001: Star Wars ~ The Cantina Bar
Full disclosure: I am not a big fan of this series, but there is no other bar in the history of cinema that gets referenced more then the Cantina. Went to a weird bar last night? "Yeah man, it was just like that Cantina in Star Wars!" We hear it all the time and also who doesn't love that catchy song the band plays!

Honorable Mention:
The Bars in Feast, Psycho's In Love, Goodfellas, T2, Dogma (Holy Bartender), Casablanca, Coyote Ugly, Carlito's Way, A Bronx's Tale, Pulp Fiction (Who have listed "Jack Rabit Slims" but it was more of a restaurant), and Uncle Willie (Dick Miller) Dream Bar in Demon Knight . . .

And lastly, the bar in which Gaston's song from Beauty and the Beast happens!

Stay Thirsty My Friends . . .

- Tom Bryce


  1. Excellent choices!! I cracked up when I saw Vinny's bar from Out for Justice!! "Anybody seen Ritchie?!" LMFAO

  2. The second I saw the title of this post Road House was the film to spring to mind. It's so enjoyably ridiculous.