Monday, April 9, 2012

15 of the Most Bizarre Public Service Announcements Ever Made!

On the show Arrested Development when George Bluth wanted to teach his kids a lesson he would have his good friend J. Walter Weatherman act out the most horrible scenarios to get whatever point across. After scaring the kids for life, he'd usually followed it up by saying "And that's why you don't (Whatever)!"

For the most part George's plans succeeded, but what about the rest of us nonBluth Kids?
How would we ever know Not to Talk to Strangers, Do Drugs, Or to Never Jump Into A Empty Swimming Pool? Oh well we had Public Service Announcements to rely on for that! Here's 15 of the Most  Bizarre P.S.A.s to ever Air on TV! Some really suck at getting their point across and others are Creepy as Fuck! (But I guess that's what they were going for)

15: The Hoff With Something To Grow On!
I say fuck that little bitch, that was way Rude of her!

14: He-man Tells Us Touching Ain't Cool!
But He-man, what if it was a Priest who did the touching?

13: Teen Mom Darci!
Barbie's Trashy Trailer Park Cousin!

12: Mixed Company!
Oh No A Black Kid . . . Say It Ain't So

11: Beware What You Put Online! (aka Don't Be a Little Slut)

10: Don't try to Outdrink Han Solo!

09: She's All That  . . . But Not On Drugs!

08: Don't Dive Into A Empty Pool!
Here's a Classic, this use to get a lot of laughs back in school when it would air on Chanel One.

07: I Learned It From Watching You!
Maybe the most famous PSA of the 80s 

06: Never Trust A Gay Person (An Anti-homosexuality Ad From the 50s)
This is pretty Horrible, but yeah those were some Creepy Fucks. The first guys kinds reminds me of Stanley Tucci in "Lovely Bones"

05: The Ninja Turtles Tells Us Forget Drugs . . . Eat A Pizza!

04: Drug Dealers Are Snakes
This one was and still is Pure Nightmare Fuel!

03: Pee Wee Says Down With Crack!
I think a follow up about not jacking off in Porno Theaters should have happened.

02: Ultimate Warrior Anti-Smoking PSA
So what are these Bad Habits that helps The Warrior survive?

01: VD is For Everybody!
This song is so catchy, and no point would you think they were talking about something Bad!

Well that's some of best I came across doing a quick search on youtube, feel free to share you favorites in the comments section below!

- Tom Bryce

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