Friday, March 23, 2012

Wrestling Comics from the The Attitude Era . . . (Undertaker Edition)

Ok so here's the follow up to the previous post about 90's Wrestling comics, these are all from the Chaos Comics Undertaker Series. I went threw these while I was scanning the covers and I got to say they weren't half bad. They had had an easy to follow story, and besides Taker they featured WWF's "Paul Bearer", "Mankind", "Kane", and a new characters "Jezebelle" that was Taker and Kane's Sister and "The Embalmer" who was actually Hitler!
Kane and His Sister!

The Art was petty Killer as you will see from the covers below. Of all the WWF peeeps to have a book the Taker made the most sense!

Wizard #0 Special Issue 

Preview Book Art Cover

Preview Photo Cover

# 1 Art

# 1 Photo

And last but not least this Creep Panel featuring Paul . . .

- Tom Bryce

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