Friday, March 23, 2012

Wrestling Comics from the The Attitude Era . . . (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first of a week's worth of Wrestling Related posts I have planned for here that will lead up to Stu-A-Mania, our monthly Shit Movie Fest Party. Stu-A-Mania is going to be a Wrestling Themed Day of Bad Hulk Hogan movies and followed by us ordering the WrestleMania 28 PPV featuring the Rock vs. John Cena.

To kick things off for these blog posts I went threw my old comic books to find all the Wrestling related ones I still have! During the Late 90s/Early 00s Wrestling was every where, WWF Monday Night Raw was the #1 Show on Cable and it's rival WCW Nitro wasn't far behind. Both companies had Merchandising dealing with everything from Toys to Cologne. So Comics seamed like it would be a natural fit, and being the 15 Year Old Mark that I was I couldn't get enough. Paging threw this at the time I didn't realize how awful there were and how much of a sucker I was for buying into the multiple special edition covers thinking they would be worth something in the future lol
Here are the Non Undertaker Comics I own, but I'll have a whole follow up post for those so don't worry!

A Preview For Kevin Nash's Book, cause you just can't just jump into a book featuring Diesel without reading the preview book first!

Nash #1 (Art cover)

(Photo Cover)

This I don't own, but not doubt would have if I might store sold it lol

Maybe the Worst Comic Ever Made!

Spoke Too Soon!

I only had Issue #2, I don't know if #1 was a huge seller and that's why I never got it.

Mankind #1, this is sure to buy me a house some day I'm just sure of it!

Chaos must have got tired of sharing their profits with WWF, so they started to use nonWrestling guys after a while . . . Like Evil Erine's Button Smiley and these guys . . .

Yes I own this, James K. feel free to punch me next time you see me!

Man those are some wacked books, next up will be the Undertaker Comics That were Actually Pretty Good!

- Tom Bryce

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