Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Print Advertisements . . . The Wrestling Edition!

Welcome to the all wrestling edition of Vintage Print Advertisements. There will be a lot of classics below that I'm sure you will remember from your old WWF mags.  Some of them are from my personal collection, but I had to cheat and get the rest from other sources. Anyway hope you enjoy . . .

I never owned any Wrestling Buddies, but my cousin had the Warrior and Bossman.
We used to wreck shop on them every Saturday morning while watching Superstars
 (Don't try this at home My Ass!) 

Roids not included . . .

Speaking of Roids!

Oh G.L.O.W. , it was So Bad You Couldn't Help but Love It!

Is it laced with Cocaine?

If only he would just follow his own advice!

If there was even a small chance something would make money the Hulksters was game!

Too Easy!

Kinda Creepy

Hey, not that there's anything wrong with it!

Knock him the Fuck Out, Deebo!

I bet Hillbilly Jim and Akeem was a 5 Star Classic

All The Proof I Needed That Robocop Is Real!

By the time this game came out Hogan was gone from the WWF over a year, just saying.

8 year old me was there that night, found memories!

Ever wanted to hear the wrestler Sting sing?

I used to have this. The Horror! lol

WWF Hasbro Figures . . . Best Toys Ever!

How does one EAT words?

I guess this was sorta Hot  . . . In the 80s

- Tom Bryce

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