Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage Print Advertisements #5 (Disney Adventures Edition Vol 1.)

This past weekend at our monthly SMF party James Kaminski ( ALIEN ASYLUM ) brought a big bag of epicness with him to help out with the blog's Vintage Print Advertisements feature . . . That bag was filled with nothing but "Disney Adventures" magazines from the early 90s!

All in all there was about 50 books loaned to me (with more to come!) and all of them were packed with 90s GOLD. You will be seeing ads from "Disney Adventures" on here for the next few months.

I remember having a good amount of these books back in the day. I always loved the 'cartoon character hanging out with the famous person' covers that most of them featured. For this first all "Disney Adventures" edition of V.P.A I grabbed 5 random issues. I scanned the covers along with a few ads from each for your enjoyment :)

Pinocchio and Jacko from June 1993
One wanted to be a Real Boy and the other just wanted to have a Real Boy.
Disney's Always Making Dreams Come True!

Mack and Mickey 1993
By 1994 I doubt Disney would return Mack's calls :|

This cover is one of the best ones :)

 Beast and The Beast!

I think by this point Luke Perry was just starting his 10th year as a H.S. Junior . . .

I have to ask, for what reason would Sonic ever need a car?

Great show and great game, miss that series!

"Toys" was one of the most horrible movies I have ever seen (when I was a kid) I can't see this game being much better.

Wasn't much of a Movie either!

I have a theory that character could have gotten a game back in the 90s. Crash Test Dummies is my Exhibit A.

Penguin, Nobody Wins When They Play a Tiger Game . . . Nobody!

Actually, this one don't look that bad

Ok, so these ads were all from a Back 2 School Fashion Section . . .
X 2: The Merchandising . . .

Be sure to put your finest White Man Can't Jump gear on next time you head on out to Sizzler!

Are those mom jeans the boy(?) on the left is wearing?

I think they got Nirvana confused with the Pauly Shore classic "Encino Man".

That's it for now. I'll have another one up in a few days! And James thanks again for all these books. I have been having a blast paging through them! 

- Tom Bryce

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