Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shit Movie Fest Presents: Stu-A-Mania (A Wrestling Themed SMF Event!)

This coming Sunday (April 1st) will be the date for our Monthly Shit Movie Party. This one in particular I have been looking forward to for quite some time . . . In fact it's been just about a year in the making!

You see last April my good buddy Stu hosted his annual spring barbecue dubbed "The Stu-B-Que". It was to take place on the last Sunday of March, but due to a weather forecast that called for snow that weekend he rescheduled it for the following Sunday . . . It just so happened that the new date was also the same day as WrestleMania XXVII!

During the party we were able to convince Stu to order the pay-per-view later that night and all of us had a lot of fun sitting in his living room and drunkingly cheering on The Undertaker, The Rock, and The Jersey Shores' Snooki and booing the fuck out of John Cena, The Miz and HHH. Call it a bit of Nostalgia . . . Call it us being Drunkards . . . But whatever it was it was an extremely fun night and it gave me the idea that we should do this the next year, but somehow turn it into an SMF Party with Stu hosting! So flash forward to now and the idea for that SMF Party is pretty much this . . . Just like last year Stu will to be barbecuing outside during the day and at night we are going to watch WrestleMania 28, but this year we will be featuring wrestling relate movies and documentaries before Mania starts! This wrestling themed event will forever be known as "Stu-A-Mania"!

Since WrestleMania starts at 7pm on the dot we are kinda limited to the amount of movies & programs we can feature before hand. At an usual S.M.F. Party the last movie goes on around 10:30 or 11pm, but since we can't do that this Sunday I narrowed the lineup down to two full length movies and three documentaries that are each about an hour long.

The First Movie is the Hulk Hogan staring 80s film "No Holds Barred" . . . 

You know the one where Hogan shows how good of an actor he is by playing a wrestler and he fights Tiny Lister aka Zeus aka Deboo from Friday aka the Prisoner who tosses the key off the boat in The Dark Knight!  Rumor has it that this movie was written by Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon in under 3 days while staying in a hotel room and boy does it show! When I first came up with this idea I knew I wanted to feature a Hogan movie at some point, and while "Suburban Commando" is my favorite in his illustrious film career, I think N.H.B. is the one to go with because it fits best with the wrestling theme nature of the day!

The Second Movie of the Day is the Arm Wrestling Sly Stallone Classic "Over The Top" On Blu-ray!

Yes it's not a wrestling movie in the sense that  "No Holds Barred" or "Body Slam" is, but Over the Top is so cheesetastic that I think if we're drunk enough this might be the highlight of the day. Plus did you ever think you'd watch "Over The Top" again in you life . . . on blu ray nonetheless. P.S. just try not to get the Sammy Hagar tune "Winner Takes It All" stuck in your head when it's all said and done!

Now on to the 3 Wrestling Docs . . .
The first one is called "Secrets of Pro Wrestling". It is from the mid 80s and it is a special that was made to exposed the truth none of us saw coming . . . Wrestling is fake!

The poorly lit video features two masked men doing the fake moves on each other as the narrator yells at you and tries to make you feel foolish for ever believing it was real in the first place.

Next up is a collection of Wrestling Music Videos from the Memphis Area, it's called Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling: Music Television!

I picked this up from the boys over at V.H.S.P.S. at the Mad Monster Party. Here is a short preview of what you have to look forward to . . .

I present the "Macho Man" Randy Savage Video featuring the best Judas Priest Cover Band of all time!

And last but not least is maybe the greatest wrestling video known to man . . .

  The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior!

This DVD is jammed packed with crazy stories told by the wrestlers who worked with the Warrior and also some of the best coked up Warrior promos of all time . . .

Well that's the SMF: Stu-A-Mania Line-up* and it all goes down Live this Sunday in South Philly at 1:30pm! Hope To See You There!


(If there is some how extra time I will also have "Black In Black" the History of the NWO and a Kaiju Big Battle DVD with Me!)

- Tom Bryce

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