Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Movies I Still Own on VHS: The Best of the Rest

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I think after today I will be back on track somewhat. Anyway, here is the "Best of the Rest" from my VHS Collection (to wrap up this feature).

"They're Here!"
Truly a great and eerie cover
One of those huge boxes for one of the greatest non "R" horror films ever made.

A very well made movie that really doesn't get much love.
Jeff Bridges was awesome in this [Editor's Note: Jeff Bridges was nominated for "Best Actor" at the 1985 Academy Awards for this film].

Robert Englund directed two movie and this is one of them!
Stephen Geoffreys aka "Evil Ed" from Fright Night stars and it's a pretty fun movie for what it is.
The next film on the other hand . . .

976-EVIL 2
No Geoffreys = None of the charm from the first one!

Shrunken Heads
One of the most bizarre movies Full Moon has put out and that's saying something!

School's Out
Great, but not very well known German slasher from the late 90s.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker
2 classic shows on 1 tape . . . 
"The Ripper" and "The Zombie"

Banned & Exposed 1999 Vol.1 & 2

These tapes tried to be "The Faces of Death" for the 90s crowd, but somehow came off even faker!

Very underrated John Candy film. I always used to watch SOAPS with my Mom back in the day so this was a very funny "in joke" type of movie for me. Great cast that included a young Dylan Baker, Jerry Orbach, and Raymond Burr!

The Blob
One of the best B-movies. I can't wait to go see it again in July at the Colonial's Blobfest!

The Amazing Colossal Man
 In the mid-90s I really got into B Movies. I actually liked this one a lot. I used to even have the sequel "War of the Colossal Beast", but couldn't find it for this post.

Pumpkinhead 2
Awesome cover, let's not talk about the movie though.

Scanners has two really great scenes in it; the beginning and the end . . . The rest is ok.

Night Hawks
Maybe one of the coolest movies Sly has ever done . . . That doesn't have a sequel!

Jack Frost
I rented this movie a couple times at my video store and saw it on cable so many times that this copy is actually UNOPENED! 

Well that does it for this 3rd part "The Movies I Still Own on VHS". There are still some other movies I own, but they aren't anything that out of the ordinary or special enough to feature.

- Tom Bryce

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  1. That is a damn fine collection you got there! I havent seen um all but there's some quality stuff in there. I was immediately sold by all the sweet covers