Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monster Mania 21 Recap (My Purchase Edition)

Ok, so here's everything I picked up this weekend; a lot of awesome DVDs, Fright-Rags Shirts, Creature From The Black Lagoon related stuff,and a some Poster/Prints I really don't have the room for! Here's some of the stuff I ended up buying . . .

From VHSPS I got the following . . .
The Lawless Land, Robot Holocaust, Edge of the Ax, Roller Blade, Strike Commando, and Operation Warzone.

From Homevideo Express:
"The Bone Yard" staring  Phyllis Diller

The Carpenter, Humongous, and The House on Sorority Row
 (As part of Katarina's Nightmare Theater)

Random DVD Buys . . . 

Repo Man Special Edition

April Fools Day (Remake), Monkey Shines, Highlander Endgame, Shredder, and Gamebox1.0


A Bunch of old Fangorias $4 a pop
Sleepwalkers, Mars Attacks, The Craft, The Frighteners, Gremlins 2, Tales From The Crypt, and Cast A Deadly Spell

Child's Play 2 The Movie Novel

Gill-Man Stuff

From Terry Cruikshankhttp://www.terrycruikshank.com/ )

A Creature Candle

- Tom Bryce


  1. How are those Katrina Nightmare Theater discs? Nice grabs, hoss. Those Creature additions freakin rule

  2. The movie look good, she basically does a Elvira stick.

  3. Let's talk about Diana Barrows : Friday the 13 act 7...

    Hi Maddy! from your French fans. We hope to see you soon in France! here a video link where wee see you sign autographs at the Monster Mania convention!