Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monster Mania 21 Recap (Friends and Celebrities Edition)

I wanted to get my recap up yesterday for Monster Mania 21, but I was battling a virus and since I am still not 100% I'm just making two abbreviated posts . . .

This post I'll write about hanging with friends (always my Horror Con highlight) and the celebrities I met (the fewest of any con I been too). The second post will just deal with all my weekend purchases.

Here goes starting with Friday
I am beginning to learn Friday is the best night to get in the autographs since it has the least amount of people at the show, so the lines are never that long. Saturday is almost impossible to move around and Sunday the guests are usually showing some major fatigue.

There were only 4 guests I really wanted to meet this weekend and I got 3 of them the first night.

The first was Meg Foster from "They Live". Meg was super nice and a joy to talk to. I caught her while the show was just starting so I got to talk to her for a bit about working with Piper and also working with Terry O'Quinn on Stepfather II.

I got her to sign my They Live poster by Chris Ott (London 1888), so far I have John Carpenter, Roddy Piper, and Meg's signature . All I am missing now is Keith David's!

Next, I wanted to meet was Lou David aka "Cropsy" from The Burning. The Burning is on my top 5 Slashers of All Time list and meeting Lou was something I never actually thought would happen since up to this point he has never done a Con. I got him to sign my Mondo Burning poster.

The final person I met Friday night was Stacey Nelkin (Ellie from Halloween 3). Stacey was a last minute addition to the Convention and she was without a doubt the best celebrity that I have met in a while. A totally awesome lady who told us some great Tom Atkins stories! I'm glad my friend Nick Lombardo was with me because his camera takes way better photos than my phone.

The rest of my Friday was spent catching up and hanging out with my friends John Squires (of Freddy in Space ), his girlfriend Jen, Kristy Jett, Nick, Tom K., Jeff Mayady and his Girlfriend Kat.

Saturday began with me filling up the SMF Cooler in preparation of my Icon vs. Icon buddies Jay and Steve coming up from Maryland.

When they got to the Con we drank our asses off at the bar and in my hotel room, We also hung out with Chris Garofalo of Quiltface-Studios and drank some liquor that really didn't agree with me. So I ended up sleeping it off in my room for a few hours.

When I came too I went and grabbed some slices from "King of Pizza" and then later met back up with John, Jen, and Kristy to take part in A Dirty Santa. It was fun, but took a little longer than I thought and I felt like I missed getting to hang more down in the lobby with Jay and Steve.

Sunday I woke up early, started getting my stuff together so I wouldn't be in a rush out to checkout.
I made some last minute purchases, but I didn't get any autographs. I said by goodbyes to everyone until the next time.

Like I said, this will be an abbreviated post and more than likely not all that interesting. I pretty much just enjoyed myself  this weekend and I didn't take a lot of pictures. I'll unload the one I did end up taking below and my follow up post will be all the shit I bought.

These drinks put me on my Ass!

It's not truly a Horror Con without getting your picture taken with POGO!

Me with Jen and Jessica

We ain't found shit

I wanted this so bad, but not for $35

A jar of Wickles given to me from Jay

- Tom Bryce

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