Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mad Monster Party 2012 Recap (Part 2 of 2)

Here is the second half of my Mad Monster Party recap. Where part one featured a lot about Charlotte (The city that hosted it) this half deals a lot more with the Con itself.

Saturday March 24th
Once I got into the show Saturday morning I noticed it was a lot more packed than the night before. I was glad that I got most of the signatures I wanted out of the way the first night because I was able to fit a lot more in Saturday instead of waiting in some of the longer lines.

The First Person I meet that day was Patty Mullen known best for her role as "Frankenhooker". Patty was super sweet. During the morning she appeared as herself, but later in the evening she was dressed in full Frankenhooker gear and makeup! I was lucky enough to get pics of her as both. Like I said she was as nice as they come and was a great 1st time guest. Patty's Makeup was done by The Get Dead Crew ( http://www.facebook.com/GetDeadCrew )

Here is what I got signed by Patty: The first is Chris Ott's Frankenhooker print (that can be picked up HERE ) and second was one of Patty's own 8x10s

Next up was Ricco Browning. It is no secret that I'm a huge Creature from the Black Lagoon fan so meeting Ricco was a dream come true. He had so much cool shit on his table that I wish I took a picture of it, but I kind of got lost in the moment talking to him. My pic from Saturday didn't come out so well so this picture was from Sunday which he was cool enough to retake!

I got him to sign this print by Chris Kuchta

Speaking of the Creature. I found and bought the following items from the Black Lagoon:
The Creature on a Skate Board

One of Mike Smash's friends had these two VHS tapes for sale. I never was able to track down "Creature Walks" on tape back in the day and the original movie is one of the earliest appearance on VHS. I love that box art.

The next person I met was a true icon of film . . . James Hong. James has over 360 screen credits to his name. My two favorites were his appearance in Wayne's World 2 and of course his role as "Lo Pan" in Big Trouble In Little China!

Super funny Guy and another person I was glad I had the chance to meet. Oh and I got another Ott print singed. It came out great.

The last star I met Saturday night was the one and only Linda Blair! Her line was huge all weekend and I finally gave in since it showed no signs of letting up. I heard mixed reviews from people that met her, but I can say first hand she was really nice and super personable. I had a Savage Street Knee High Horror Stand on me to get signed. Always been a big fan of that movie and I think she was glad to see anything Non Exorcist come her way.

I ended my night taking some pics from around the Con and also making a couple purchases of stuff I have never seen before. Here they are . . .

A weird "Orgy of the Dead" poster!

Waffle House Zombie!

The crew from Evil Puppets were there all weekend and their collection was quite impressive . . .

 I Also picked up this Gremlins puzzle box from Shaun May it's from 1984 and it's still unopened!

After the show was over Saturday I did my own thing, I really wanted to go to the Haunted Mills attraction but the lines for the buses taking people to and from it was packed so I walked into town and got more Fuel Pizza. After I got back to the hotel I watched "Zombieland" and "Jennifer's Body" on FX . . . Lame I know, but whatever!

Sunday March 25th
Sunday I woke early and packed my stuff soon after so I wouldn't have to rush come check out time. I wanted to stay for the day, but I also wanted to get back home for my birthday.

So Sunday I said all my goodbyes as soon as I got inside and also got the last of the autographs I wanted for the weekend . . . That being Dee Wallace!

After meeting her it was time to leave the party and prepare myself for the 9 hour trek back home! Well that's what my GPS said . . . But I made it in 8 ;)

Kudos to the Mad Monster Party staff. You guys put on a hell of a show and there is no doubt I will be coming back next year. I have already started spreading the word!

And also a major thanks to all my friends that I hung out with this weekend. You guys made the last weekend of my 20s a very memorable one for sure!

- Tom Bryce

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