Friday, March 2, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Horror Convention Season!

Around this time next week I will be leaving work, heading home for a bit to freshen up, and than I'll start getting my gear together for MonsterMania 21 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey!

Oddly enough this show will also mark the one year anniversary of the first Horror Con I ever attended, that being Monster Mania 17. Since then I made it to a nice amount of other shows up and down the East Coast and also made some great friendships along the way. Next weekend I'm really looking forward to hanging with everyone at the Hotel Bar, sneaking beers from the SMF Cooler with Jay and Steve of ICON vs. ICON, and buying some awesome stuff from dealer rooms in the process.

So while I wait for next Friday to come I figured why not make a post looking back at some of the cool shit I bought and some of the signatures I aquired from the celebrity guests in the past year :)

I'll start off first with Toys, Books and other Horror Related Memorabilia I purchased:

This Little guy comes from a company name Werepups
I named mine "Quist" from the first Howling film, the detail to the pups are top notch and I love the fact each one comes with it's very own Silver Bullet just in case!

"I Spit On Your Grave" Sculpture from ClayGuy
I got this at HorrorHound last fall from the Clayguy. I had seen a lot of pictures of his sculptures online, but it wasn't until I saw his work up close that I knew that I needed to own one. I ended up going with the Bathtub Castration scene from "I Spit On Your Grave", I hope to get Camille Keaton to sign the tub sometime in the near future, lol.

Vintage Looking Halloween Decorations
I bought these Halloween blocks last year because well they remind me of a time when Halloween was still fun. I loved putting all kinds of stuff out to celebrate the Holiday, but now it would end up just getting stolen. I keep these on my windowsill so every day is Halloween :)

Halloween 3 Movie Tie-In Book
This was something I didn't even know existed, but I found it for cheap at the show in Maryland. Part 3 is my favorite from the series so I was curios to see how faithful the book was. 

Knee High Horror (poster stands)

Knee High Horror stands are awesome. Check their site out  and you are bound to find one for a movie you like!

Now here are some of the signatures I  have gotten in the past 12 months:

I try to stay away from getting the 8x10 Photos that the stars have on their tables. If I have a poster/print or toy of a certain movie they were in than I usually go with that. I feel that it's more personable that way. Here are some of the cooler ones I have gotten . . .

Bret "The Hitman" Hart
When I meet Bret at a Wrestling Con last fall I was going to get him to sign his autobiography, but
I couldn't find it anywhere in my house that morning. I brought with me the next best thing . . . The Hitman DVD the WWE put out a few years back.

I was thinking about what to get him to sign on the cover and it hit me . . . Get him to say something from his infamous "El Dandy" Promo from his WCW Run . . .

To Tom
(Never Doubt El Dandy)
                                                           - Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Martin Landau 
When I meet Martin Landau at Saturday Nightmare I had him sign a 8x10 "Is That Something you Might Be Interested In?" His Entourage character Bob Ryan's favorite saying . . .

Cast of "A Nightmare On Elm Street"
I got Robert Englund, John Saxon, and Amanda Wyss to all sign this Elm Street Poster by Chris Ott of London 1888

"They Live" Cast and Crew
Speaking of posters by Chris Ott I got this "They Live" Print signed by both John Carpenter and Roddy Piper
I kinda wish Piper didn't sign all over Obama's Face . . . But it's all good, it's fucking Roddy Piper for crying out loud! My plan is to get Meg Foster to sign it next week and Keith David hopefully at some point.

I still have a couple boxes of VHS Tapes in my house. I brought along these two at a past con to get signed . . .

Lance Henriksen
 Lance  was kind enough to sign my old beat-up VHS copy of Piranha II: The Spawning! And he also got a good laugh out of seeing it.

Ernest Borgnine
I also got Ernest Borgnine to sign my VHS Copy of Laser Mission! He didn't get why I wanted him to do it, but if I was in that movie I'd want to forgot about it also!


Michael Rooker and Tom Towles

I got both men to sign my copy of "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer!"

Zach Galligan
When I meet Zach Galligan aka Billy from Gremlins I got him to sign one of my Vinyl figures.
I didn't own Gizmo at the time so I got it on Stripe's box :)

And last but not least when I first meet Tom Atkins I told him about the "A Night of Tom Atkins" SMF party we did last March. He got a kick out of it and agreed to take a picture with the old SMF banner.  After he took the picture he also wrote his name on it. I will forever cherish that piece of paper! I even got a "Thrill Me!" Night of the Creeps 8x10!

Well that is it for now. Next Friday really can't come quick enough! See you at the show and I'll have a full recap up the Monday after!

- Tom Bryce


  1. Wow. Congrats on the HENRY signed DVD. As for Bret Hart, meh...

  2. Very very neat shit overall, man. Me, I never go anywhere cool. :(

  3. Having Ernie Borgnine sign your 'Laser Mission' VHS was a stroke of genius. And I'm sure it confused the shit out of him.

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