Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Best Movies I Still Own on VHS (Vol.1)

Since I did that post over the weekend about the 15 Worst VHS Tapes I Still Owned, I felt I needed a follow up to show some of the good stuff I managed to hold on to. I kept these video tapes because I never got around to replacing them on DVD and also because of their sentimental value. This list will be broken down into about 2 or 3 posts. With the first one having about 20 tapes featured and a quick anecdote on each . . . Enjoy :)

The Howling
I guess you are wondering why it looks like an actual Werewolf got to this tape. Well, one sorta did. My dog Penny had a bad habit of eating anything in sight and ironically enough this movie found itsself in her path! I miss that dog with all my heart, but man she was not kind to my stuff.

Penny the Perfect Angel

Penny the SheBitch

Death Wish 2
This was how my Dad introduced me to all things Bronson. I am forever in his debt, besides him giving me life and all!

Summer Slam 1991
The Best Wrestling Card Ever I.M.O.

Puppet Master
I remember finding this at Kmart of all place for $10. At the time that was a major score.
Puppet Master 1 - 3 will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Stuff
This movie is a big part of how Shit Movie Fest came to be. The Stuff played at the very first party and I will always hold on to this tape because of it!

Depeche Mode: Some Great Videos
If you know me than you know Depeche Mode is my favorite band. I remember finding this at a yard sale at my old grade school back in the early 90s, good times!

The Exterminator 1 & 2

 "I think you need to take a shit. It's coming out of your mouth instead of your asshole". I owe my buddy Jim for talking me into renting these back in the day. When our video store went under I ended up buying both movies for less than $5

Chopping Mall
This movie needs a Blu Ray release. I have a DVD but it's just a scan of this :(

Cool As Ice
Moving right along . . . 

One of the first movies I may have ever watched with Chris. Back when we used to have to watch Shitty movies without getting to drink beer.

Repo Man
Oddly enough I never owned this one on DVD. There is something about watching Repo Man on VHS that adds to the viewing experience.

Billy Idol: Vital Idol
Before there was Youtube videos like these were VITAL to own!

Mac and Me
I may or may not have liked this more than E.T. When I was younger I owned this but never owned E.T. 

Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever
One of my favorite "So Bad It's Good" movies. When I meet Mary Woronov later this month I am so getting her to sign it, lol..

Piranha 2: The Spawning
Without a doubt the Best Box Art of All Time!
(Editor's Note: and James Cameron's best film)

Well that's all for this edition. I'll try to get Vol. 2 by the weekend :)


  1. SummerSlam 91. Fuck yeah! I got that too.

  2. Whose signiture is that on Piranha 2 vhs box? Looks like it might be Lance Henriksen?

  3. It is, got him to sign it a Monster Mania last summer.