Friday, March 30, 2012

An actual good reason to go to your local Wal-Mart . . .

It's takes a lot to get me to step into a Wal-Mart. Living in Philadelphia the two stores in my surrounding area (one in South Philly and the other in Delco) are what I picture Hell to be like. Between the kids running up and down the aisles unattended while their moms are busy filling their shopping carts with candy, soda and other junk on the State's dime OR waiting 20 minutes in line because even though there are tons of people in the store ready to check out, there are never more than a few cashiers for some reason. If I'm there it usually has something to do with raiding their $5 bin for some cheap movies. Last year I saw online that they had a Leprechaun 1 to 4 Set and also The Substitute series starring Tom Berenger (and later Treat Williams) for $5 also.

In the last week I have seen this set of 8 movies posted by some of my good friends on their facebook walls!

And I knew that I needed to own this so, today after work I visited my least favorite store and made the trip to Wal-Mart in South Philly! For FIVE DOLLARS I now own these movies on DVD for the first time (most of them). I already owned "Slaughter High" & "Chopping Mall"  and a couple others on VHS . . . But I am really happy I was able to get all of them for cheap! You really can't go wrong with C.H.U.D. 2:  Bud The CHUD and Ghoulies Go To College!

I have seen a few people ask what is the quality of this set and I have to say they look better than the price I paid for them. Sure, most are in full screen, but I am willing to overlook that since that is how I first saw most of them the first time (on cable or when I rented them back in the day).

Since I was there and came across the movie I really wanted rather fast I did a quick scan of the other sets they had and WOW some of them are really good!

On this particular set I actually owned none.
Not sure why "Earth Girls Are Easy" is in a horror set, but Blood Diner is the crown jewel of this group. It is awesome to finally own it!

For $7.50 I was able to get all  "The Prophecy" and all the "Hellraiser" films past their second parts, which were the only ones I actually owned anyway.

Now these two horror sets might not actually be worth the $5, but a couple of them might make it to a Shit Movie Fest Party some day. The jury is still out on these two . . .

And rounding out my Wal-Mart purchases is this action set that has "Death Wish 5", the only one of the series I never owned and also the cheesetastic "Blown Away" that stars the Coreys and a very hot Nicole Eggert! I'm not sure if I will watch the rest, but having those two was worth owning it I.M.O.

So that's everything I picked up today. Not a bad haul for $32.50. That comes out to less then a $1 a movie!

Wal-Mart, I take back every horrible thing I have ever said about you . . . For now anyway! 
Happy DVD Hunting . . .

-Tom Bryce


  1. Damn, that's actually a pretty impressive collection. Those 8 packs are usually garbage, and not the good kind. I may have to venture to my Wal-Mart and see if they have a copy. I just hope the Wal-Martians don't kidnap me and use me for their weird sexual experiments.

  2. Wal-Martians lol

    Best of luck, these DVDs are popping up on ebay for a lot more then $5 now

  3. OMG! I know whenever I always make sure I grab a couple!

  4. Ooh I want the hell raiser/prophecy one!! The blood diner one is great too! Parents is epic! I picked up a DVD with Puppetmaster 1-4 for $5.00 last year.