Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 of the Cheesiest Songs in Movie History!

Much like the list last week of my "15 Favorite Songs featured in Horror & Cult Movies" I'm sticking only to songs that were made for the movie they appeared in, so sorry Dirk Diggler but "You Got The Touch" won't count!

All of these songs fall into my category of "so bad they're good" and made each of the movies they appeared in all the more memorable. These are the 15 I could think of off the top of my head. If there is anymore you think I might have missed please feel free to comment below.

15: Idiot Control 
Heard in the MST3K episode "The Pod People". To this day Idiot Control is one of my "Favorite Worse Things Ever!"

14: Friday Night's A Great Night For Football
As heard in "The Last Boy Scout", this song is a brilliant spoof of  Hank Williams Jr's Monday Night Football theme.

13: Pretty Poison ~ "Catch Me I'm Falling" 
From the John Cryer film "Hiding Out". This song and video sum up the 80s perfectly.
Big Big Hair!

12: All Night Long/Jessie From Nightmare on Elm Street 2's "Dance Scene"
Elm Street 2 is the worse in the series, but because of scenes like this it's also the funniest!

11: Dwight David ~ "The Last Dragon"
There are a lot of cheesy stuff from this movie, but this song is the master!

10: Tim Cappello ~ I Still Believe
I still think Tim should have been revealed as the Head Vampire in the Movie . . . Just saying!

09: Corey Feldman's Singing in "Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever"

I wish some studio would put out The Eradicator's "Greatest Hits"!
I'm sure it would sell.

08: DVDA ~ "Now Your A Man!" 
Trey and Matt's theme for "Orgazmo" is one of the funniest movie themes ever.
Those guys are geniuses for coming up with this song.

07: Coupe De Villes ~ Big Trouble In Little China
I'd love to hear the back story on how this song and video ever saw the light of day!

06: These Two Songs from the James Spader Movie "Tuff Turf"
Paris Hilton's Aunt Can Get It!

Who knew Spader could sing?

05: Brock/Davis ~ Hard Way
From the prom scene at the end of "Just One of the Guys"
Do those guys know how to rock or what?!?

04: "Warm Side of the Door"
As heard in "Silent Night, Deadly Night". I can't help but LMAO when this part comes up in the movie!

03: "Rocky 4" Montage Songs

Remember Rocky "There's No Easy Way Out . . . There's No Short Cut Home!"

02: Songs from Karate Kid 1 & 2 . . .
So you knew Joe Esposito's "Best Around" was a shoe in for this list
But I happen to think Peter Cetera's "The Glory of Love" from K.K2 is way cheesier!

01: The Teen Witch Rap "Top That"
"Top That" is perhaps the biggest trainwreck in cinema history!
And I love every second of it!

Well that's the list . . . agree/disagree? Leave your comments below.

- Tom Bryce


  1. Great list! I think "Push It To The Limit" from SCARFACE is hilariously bad. "Win In The End" from TEEN WOLF is hilariously awesome(ly bad) too!

  2. Thanks Karen, the Scarface soundtrack has a lot of funny songs, good call :)

  3. What about any of the songs from the original Transformers movie? "You've got the touch" is such cheese, it was used in Boogie Nights!

  4. There is some amazing crap on this list. I especially love "Warm Side of the Door". However I'm a little surprised not to see anything from the Rad soundtrack. That film has just about the greatest terrible soundtrack in film history.

  5. This is epic. The saxman in Lost Boys is definitely my fav, and I agree, he TOTALLY should have been revealed as the head vampire.