Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage Print Advertisements #4 (Movie Ads From Philly's Past!)

GrindHouse cinema at it's finest!

This time around I am doing something a little different for the latest edition of SMF's V.P.A. As you can see from the poster above I am featuring movie ads that appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News back in the late 70s/Early 80s.

To gather up these images I took a trip to the Free Library of Philadelphia yesterday and spent a couple hours in their Newspapers Archive Section.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I haven't stepped foot in that place in over 15 year. The last time I was there was for a school project where we had to use old new papers articles as our only source.

Even though it's been a long time since my last visit not much has changed. Everything is still on Microfilm and the machines you view them on are older than dirt!

I had a nice size list of what movie ads I was looking for yesterday and I had the release dates of written down next to them, but that didn't necessarily mean that movie played in Philly on that particular weekend. This made things a lot harder than I thought. I only came across a few film ads I really wanted and the rest I printed out to give you an example of what movies were playing around the same time and the low, low prices it cost back in the day to see a show!

S.N.D.N. opened the same weekend as A Nightmare On Elm Street, but I didn't come across an ad for Elm Street whatsoever :(

See, movie audiences weren't always stupid!

One of the ads I set out to find!

Even though these 3 movies have nothing to do with each other I'd love to have been there!

Great movie!

Two movies I saw played a lot on Cinemax back in the day.

A Purple Rain, Breakin' and Beat Street Triple Feature! 

I wouldn't feel right about doing this feature without including at least one Porn ad!
I love how Gone With The Wind is showcased with Flesh Gordon and Wet Lips!

Ok, well that's all I got from my first visit to the Library's NewsPaper Archives. I had a lot of fun doing this yesterday and plan on going back sometime soon. If there is any movie you want me to try and find an ad for shoot me a line below or via Facebook and I will do my best to try and locate it :)

- Tom Bryce

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