Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vintage Print Advertisements (Week #1)

So, I have been thinking up different ideas for weekly features here on the blog and I think I came up with one you guys will like and will be pretty easy for me to pull off.

Once a week I'm going to scan and post some Old School Print Ads from my collection of 70s & 80s magazines. The advertisements will come from old comic books, horror mags, wrestling or any other entertainment magazines that I still happen to possess. This weeks edition comes from a few late 80s Fangorias and also some early to mid-90s WWF & WCW mags. Ok here we go!

Did you hear the news? The WWF is now on AOL!

A World Wrestling Federation Travel Club Member Or a Guy Who's Never Been Laid Before In His Life. You Make The Call . . .

Is This Ad From 1991 or 2012? Amazing That Even Back Then These Same Guys Were On The Horror Con Circuit!

Gremlins 2 The Game! Is there a way I can play this right now?

Pretty Cool Masks from the 80s

"U Can't Touch This!" 
Nor Would I Want Too!

I'd proudly rock any one of these 80s Tees! Something tells me they would rip apart easier than a Hulk Hogan Shirt though!

Did Eric's Revenge really make it to the theaters? 
Don't get me wrong it's a fun movie, but I thought it went straight to video.

I would still rather do this than rewatch Terminator 4 again!

This game rocked, best wrestling game made until the N64 came along!

Chris G. This one's for you!

Ok that wraps up the first installment of this new feature. I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past as much as I did.

I got a good amount of old magazines to use and this will give me another reason to page through them again!

- Tom Bryce


  1. That fangoria fest would have been so close to me!! I love this idea, keep the ad's coming!

  2. I'm voting on "never got laid in his life".

  3. Some observations...

    First, the Fangoria ad makes it sound like DETROIT would be the worst place to live. That it is, in fact, a place where Horror Reigns.

    Second, Return of the Living Dead II sweats are sold out? Did any of them SEE the movie?

    Lastly, it really looks like the Road Warriors are having sex. Like, from behind? Hopefully that wasn't some Easter Egg hidden in the game.

    Awesome post.

  4. My worst nightmare would be finding an NES game that sucks more than Nightmare on Elm St., and something tells me that ad might not be lying.

    And yeah, he never got laid. Well, not by a chick anyway. It looks like he's "hung out" backstage with the Road Warriors at more than one WWF event.

  5. BTW I would like a bedtime story with Brinke Stevens!

  6. OH MY FUCKING GOD Look how huge that WWF fan's hand is!

  7. Thanks for all the feed back, I'll have a new one up next Wednesday :)