Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Friday It's Miller Time! ("Night of the Creeps" in 35mm!)

This Friday (3/2) The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA will be hosting a screening of "Night of the Creeps" as part of their monthly First Friday Fright Night Event!

In the past year since I have been regularly attending the Colonial, I have already caught so many great shows and can always count on having an awesome time . . . But there hasn't been a movie I have been more excited to attend than "Night of the Creeps" this Friday! I have been excited from the time Nick, Chuck, and Joel (The F.F.F.N. Crew) first announced that they would be screening it. I think I told all my SMF buddies about it more than 100 times!
For those not in the know; Creeps is the ultimate throwback to the Cheesy B-movies of the 50s and 60s that our grandparents used to pay a dime to go see at the Drive-ins.
N.o.t.C. was released in 1986 and it stars Cult Icon Tom Atkins (and Tom Atkins' Mustache), who gives his finest performance as Ray Cameron, an aging detective with not much to live for save his love of booze and having an awesome catch phrase . . . "Thrill Me!"
Ray is in charge of solving a case of a missing cadaver from a science lab. That body may or may not be walking around a nearby college campus due to its brains being controlled by Alien Leeches!

Helping Ray solve the case and the ongoing Leeches from Space Invasion is the hopeless "Chris" played by Jason Lively (aka Rusty Griswold from European Vacation and the brother of the girl from "Teen Witch") and J.C. the best-est friend a person could ask for. As the campus gets overrun it is up to the three men and Chris' dream girl Cynthia Cronenberg (A still HOT to this day Jill Whitlow) to find out how to defeat the creatures and save the college's Formal  from becoming a funeral!

I'm a huge fan of this movie and even more so it's star Tom Atkins! When I meet him last summer at Monster Mania we talked about Creeps and Halloween 3 (another favorite of mine!) for a good 20 minutes . . . I was in Horror Nerd Heaven!

The show starts at The Colonial Theatre around 9:30. There's going to be some Horror themed prizes given out before hand and there will also be a limited edition/custom made Creeps poster by Charles Moran that can be purchased!

 So if you live in the Philly area and haven't seen Night of Creeps before or even if it's been awhile you owe it to yourself to come out this Friday night! The movie is filled with many awesome one-liners, impressive gore gags, and so much utter bizarreness that I can't wait to see it all play out on the Big Screen for the first time!

I'll see you all there. I'll be the guy wearing this Fright-Rags "Thrill Me!" Shirt :)

- Tom Bryce

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