Saturday, February 11, 2012

SMF's Tub of Terrible Toys (Vol. 2)

I'm posting this one a little head of schedule. Since I've been suffering from horrible sinus headaches the last couple of days, I figured I would post something that I was already done writing and call it a day.

As I mentioned in Volume 1 of SMF's Tub of Terrible Toys, not everything covered will be complete shit. These toys just weren't as popular as the main toy lines out around the same time (G.I. Joe, He-Man, T.M.N.T., etc)

First up we have a Kids Meal toy from Burger King.

This toy used to give me nightmares as a kid. Why would anyone want to eat something that has a face on it? And second, why does the Tender have a smile on his face? You're about to be eaten! Run! It all just creeps me out.

Do you know that McDonald's Nuggets Post that's been making the rounds on Facebook?

Still not as frightening as the Tender Toy was when I was a kid!

Moving along . . .

Next up we have the very awesome Mad Scientist and Dissect-an-Alien toy!

I remember having a few different playsets from this line, but this one was my favorite. Opening up the poor Alien and taking out his Organs was fun for the whole family!

Next we have toys from the Super Mario Brothers: The Movie line!

Confession Time: I used to take my Hooper figure and pretend "Luigi" was Keanu Reeves and reenact scenes from the movie "Speed" . . . Anything to forget how crappy the Super Mario Movie was!

They should have just did a cartoon movie and stuck with this guy!

Now these figures were part of my favorite toy line ever . . .

That being the "Real" Ghostbusters!
The Mummy and Frank come from the line where Kenner put their own spin on the "Universal Monsters". 
This post right ( HERE ) has a nice rundown of the line, I used to have all of them but haven't a clue where they went off to :( BTW I added a pic of Louis Tully for good measure  :)

And finally our last toy of the day isn't so much a toy, but a extravagantly stereotypical Mexican named Pedro!

Pedro is the mascot for "South of the Border". If you have traveled I-95 South towards Florida no doubt you've seen him on a billboard a few times. I had this "toy" since around 1986. I'm not sure how or why but I just do, lol.

We there you have it. That wraps up another edition of SMF's Tub of Terrible Toys!

- Tom Bryce


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