Monday, February 6, 2012

SMF's Tub of Terrible Toys (Vol. 1)

For all the great toys lines to come out of the 80s and 90s there were just as many equality bad ones. I have TUBS of old toys in my storage room and that got me thinking, why not post some of the more obscure toys that I bought back in day (for one reason or another) on the blog?

These toys are just taking up space along side some of my most played with figures (back in day) which were T.M.N.T., G,I. Joes, and the Marvel and DC Super Heros. The terrible toys next to them are Karate Fighters, Freaks on Skate Boards, and generic dollar store wrestlers. Just to be clear, not all of the toys I'm going to showcase in this new weekly feature are going to suck out right. They just weren't as popular as the others from that same time period.  Well, let's see if you remember any of these figures from 'Shit Movie Fest's Island of Misfit Toys'!

Our first toys were called "Slammers" and were made around 1990. Not much info is online about these guys, but I do remember having about six of them, with one resembling Joe Camel.
I only came across 2 guys for this post but 3 skateboards, go figure. Each guy has a stigmata type hole on his hands and feet so he can ride his skateboard upside down, if you choose.

Next up are the American Gladiators. Yes, American Gladiators had toys in 1991 and I had 4!
You couldn't really do much with the toys unless you bought the extra ones they put out to help you recreate the competitions and games that were on the TV show. 

Like the Giant Hamster Ball!

Here are two toys that were part of a line called Karate Fighters. They were the 90s version of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.
There was about 20 different fighters, each with a different base. It didn't really matter which one you used. No figure gave you any sort of advantage.

I'll let Jerry "The King" Lawler and Tito Santana show you how's it done.

Ok, here is a game with WWF's Sunny playing against a little person!

Now, it's generic dollar store wrestling time!
We have "NotHulkHoganBrother", Guy With An Eye Patch, a Thumb Wrestler who in no way is Hulk Hogan and  a PVC Warrior!

And our last toy for today is a Caveman from 1988's Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs .
I think we found Homer Simpson's ancestor!

Who could ever forget this theme song?

I had tons of these when I was 5, but this girls stole them all off me . . .
True Story!

I hope you enjoyed another looks at some random 80s and 90s shit. I'll have more up next Monday!

- Tom Bryce


  1. This is great! Looking forward to more of these posts, and of course more pics of nekkid ladies with toys.