Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sleaziest of Sleeze

Exploitation films are about sex. Yes, some of these movies have flesh eating zombies, chain wielding bikers, pus dripping creatures, and even hungrier flesh eating cannibals, but what defines the genre is S.E.X. The lust for it, the fear of it, and even being repulsed by it. Sex is at the core of any (good) exploitation film.

Like rock and roll and baseball, exploitation films are a purely American creation (that the Japanese do better). These movies speak more honestly about the American psyche than any art house film or academic documentary. What exploitation films understand is; WE (Americans, dudes, rock and rollers) will take anything at anytime, do anything at anytime, and act like it was all ours from the beginning. And in the end we want to be punished for it. We do things to the extreme, even guilt. Exploitation allows us to relish in rape, then salivate over the evisceration of the rapist. Just like Private Joker’s peace sign on his army fatigues, exploitation movies say something about the duality of man (men, scumbags, ladies with penis envy and rock and rollers).

In celebration of this joyous American art form Thomas Bryce and I are hosting an event that will wallow in the truth and shining transcendence of exploitation cinema. Next Sunday we will hold  'All American Sleeze 2: Deeper into the Cesspool’ at my house in Fishtown.

Shit Movie Fest is not only a monthly party for like-minded morons, but an opportunity to challenge and expand each other’s cinematic horizons. At each event our group tries to top one another and find THAT FILM. The one flick no one has seen; even for the heaviest movie-holics of the group. It is a great community and anything goes. Since we have expanded our group to both facebook and this blog I invite YOU to this month’s (or any month’s) event. Just reach out to me privately. Shit Movie Fests are house parties and I won’t give out my private info on the internets. A private IM is the only way toward group boozing, hard noshing and supreme mind’sploding.

Below is the line up for ‘All American Sleeze 2’.  Please leave comments and future suggestions either on the blog or our facebook page. We would love to hear from everyone and expand the SMF community. We look forward to sharing our love of the obscure, the weird, and the sleaziest of sleeze...

WARNING: The following films contain drug abuse, extreme violence, abhorrent behavior. flagrant acts of Kung Fu, kleptomania, torture, abuse by (and on) the Ku Klux Klan, psychomania, O.J Simpson and of course, lots and lots of sex.


Story of a Junkie (1987)
The '80s, A Troma Team Release and the most disgusting locations New York City has to offer. How could you refuse?

Deatbeat at Dawn (1988)
Jim Van Bebber is the most radical filmmaker in the history of American cinema. His films genuinely worry me because he CAN and WILL do anything at anytime. Also, he can kick some serious ass!

Bundy (2002)

Despite what you think, Ted is a pretty good guy. He is just looking for love in all the wrong places, dead girls.

Savage Streets (1984)
If High School was really like this than I would have been one of the cool kids! Or not. Look, Linda Blair beats everyone's ass in this, nuff said.

and finally.

The Klansman (1974)
Lee Marvin, Richard Burton and O.J Simpson vs The Ku Klux Klan. Written by Sam Fuller. Original soundtrack by Parliament Funkadelic. Do I need to keep going?

We hope to see you Sunday (March 4th).



  1. Ahh I love Linda Blair. She definitely excelled in bad movie roles.

  2. I hope to finally meet her next month at Mad Monster Party in North Carolina, I'll have a Savage Streets Poster on hand to get signed.

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