Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Recesses of Rural Pennsylvania: St Martha's Manor

St Martha's Manor is a nursing home owned by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia located in Downingtown, PA (home of Victory Brewing). Most people don't realize that behind the property, which sits on a major road, are acres of land. Half of this land has been reclaimed by the woods and the other half has become a beautiful clearing with rolling hills. Between these two areas rests the original St Martha's Manor. Built in the 1800s the original manor was one of the Archdiocese's first retirement homes.

The old property consists of the manor, a building that appears to be a chapel and a barn. The manor is still in excellent shape, but the other two are in ruins. Below are pictures that I took while scouting the area for old hidden homes. Check out the first 'Recesses' post for the details on the project (HERE).


Approaching the 'Chapel' and Barn

The Barn. The overgrowth is almost complete.

The elements have not been kind

Possibly a Chapel or maybe Staff Quarters?

The Manor, still in good shape on the outside, but who knows what kind of Horror Show lies behind those boarded windows...

Back of the Manor. Walking around back and you can see it has an extension that is not visible from the front.

View from the back of the Manor. Beyond the trees are rolling hills and beyond that...Mount Doom.

A Downed Tree. I have no evidence that a Shoggoth uprooted this tree in an horrific struggle against an Old One, but I have no evidence disproving it either.

The Road out. Just as creepy as it was coming in. You can see the New St Martha's Manor on the bottom right of the shot.

Stay tuned for the third installment.

The End

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  1. I'd like to check this place out some time, this was even spookier then your last post!