Saturday, February 4, 2012

How I found out the difference between a 'Toxic Crusader' and a 'Toxic Avenger'

This will be the first in a series of posts about my life long love of all things Troma. Since it is the first I guess it would be wise to establish how that love affair began. Back in the early 90s there was nothing more shocking to me than finding out my lovable Toxic Crusaders cartoon and toys were actually based off a balls to wall horror movie named The Toxic Avenger. Up until to that point I was clueless about all things Tromaville. I just enjoyed the cartoon immensely and was thrilled that the toys were the same size as my Ninja Turtle figures. Toxie and Major Disaster had many adventures with the 4 Turtles fighting Shredder and Dr. Killemoff.

The first time I ever saw the "Avenger" name attached to the end of Toxic and not "Crusaders" came courtesy of Marvel Comics. Right around the time of the cartoon a comic named "The Toxic Avenger" started appearing at my local comic book shop. I remember getting the first two issues along with the TMNT and Spiderman books I was reading at the time. The guy at the book store filled me in on Toxie, him being from a movie before a kid's cartoon. Just like that my young mind was blown. Next time I went to the video store with my next door neighbor/childhood friend I asked his Mom if she would rent the video for us. She was one of those "Cool Moms". Not only did she rent the first movie, but she also got us the second! After that day I was no longer a little boy. No, I became a Man . . . ok I was still some years from that, but at least you could say I was a full fledged citizen of Tromavile and I never looked back.  To his day it still boggles my mind how Lloyd Kaufman was able to make a deal with Marvel Comics and get a children's cartoon made out of such an X-rated product. Then again, that is why Uncle Lloyd is an EVIL FUCKING GENIUS and businessman extraordinaire.

Here are some of my oldest collected items of the man they call Toxie!  I'll start off with the Marvel Comics. that came out in 1990/1991:

Here is a pic of the 11 Issue Run :)

The issue that changed me into a "Avenger" Fan

Issue #2

Issue #3, The first nonArt cover used during it's small run!

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

Issue #7

Issue #8

Issue #9 . . . The Rap Issue!
Bust A Move Toxie!

Issue #10

Issue #11 . . . The Final Comic
End Of An Era!

The actual VHS videos from where I first met the true Toxie and Class of Nuke 'Em High 1 & 2!

I got these tapes from an old West Cost Video when they went belly up. I have T.T.A. 1, but it's sitting on my desk at work so, it wasn't able to be in today's post. This is stuff I would never part with. It doesn't matter that I own the Toxic Avenger Box Set on DVD. VHS was the format that I first came to enjoy Troma Films!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this Tromamatic blog posting. Next time around I'll share the story of when Chris Gormley and I first meet Uncle Lloyd!

- Tom Bryce


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  2. I still have most of the toys, pretty near mint!

  3. I still have Toxie, Major Disaster, a Radiation Ranger, and Dr. Killemoff laying around somewhere lol