Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Harry Warden Day (14 "My Bloody Valentine" Posters and Shirts!)

In honor of today being Valentine's Day I figured why not make a post dedicated to "My Bloody Valentine", one of my favorite Holiday Slashers and it's Coal Miner Suited Killer Harry Warden!

Today I'm going to post 14 Posters covering everything from the 1981 Movie, the 2009 3D Remake, Fan-made posters, VHS/DVD Box Art , and Harry related T-Shirts . . .

The Poster above was done by the very talented Chris Garofalo
of Quiltface-Studios

Chris made this for a recent screening of M.B.V. at the The Colonial Theatre

Next We Have Some Posters For The 1981 Film's Release

Next Up Are The Posters For 2009's 3D Remake

DVD Box Art . . .

The Crappy Box Art for it's first BareBones DVD release :|

And the much better Special Edition ArtWork!
Beside the better Artwork, This is the one to own, it has scenes restored that were cut by the MPAA back in 81 

Now here are two shirts from Fright-Rags, one that is in their GraveYard that needs to be voted for to be bought back to life and the other is on for sale today! (2/14/12)
Fright Rags' Graveyard ( Vote Here )

One Day Only Special Shirt!
For More Info Go HERE

Well there you have it. Remember to follow Harry's Warning  and stay away from any Valentine Day Parties ;)

- Tom Bryce


  1. WOW. I love Chris Garofalo's poster. Good stuff!

  2. I really like the first, fan-made poster and the first dvd box art! Following!

  3. Harry Warden is my favorite horror move killer, the 1981 move beats the remake by a long shot and was filmed in my hometown, Sydney Nova Scotia. I even have a copy of the full soundtrack used during filming, which has never been publicly released and I "rescued" the only recorded copy from Sydney, I love this movie but hate Valentine's Day.